Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Home Comforts

 Adam missed me when I was gone. He keeps telling me so. He makes me delicious brown bread for my breakfast toast.

For lunch he made tortellini and Kaiser buns.

I, in turn, mended his favorite mask by shortening the elastics.
I packaged some lavender soap today too.
We have daffodils blooming now -- hooray! I look forward to this each year, a true start of spring and all the new, fresh beginnings for all of us.
Adam is weeding out parts of our veggie garden, starting with the strawberry bed. There ARE strawberry plants in there, I promise! About ten of them. 
He's also working on the asparagus bed, and then will clear out my pea bed. Lettuce will go next to the strawberries. It's a struggle because he's been pretty inactive since last spring, while he was ill. He is still having some health issues -- medication and peripheral issues -- but he wants to get back outside.

I've started a long knitting project, a blanket. The pattern is called a "mitered square" blanket. I found it at a youtube channel that I like, and thought, "I can do that!" I'll share more about it in a youtube video soon, but here it is so far:

My sprained knee is much better, and life is stumbling along as usual -- I won't pretend that it's all easy sailing! But we are getting along, just like you are, I hope. 😀  Adam is a lobbyist/advocate volunteer for people with Rare Diseases in North Carolina right now, and he hears about the most harrowing illnesses that some people have, much worse than his own. It is a reminder to be thankful for each normal day, no matter how many things go wrong. 
Ah, pancakes. Those are strawberries from our garden last summer, frozen all through the pandemic. They slept peacefully in the deep freeze and came out for this delicious appearance, haha.

Tomorrow I go off for a day jaunt with two friends to a rural area renowned for good bird-watching. Mostly, it'll be a fun day out with two ladies I enjoy very much. I'll tell you about it next time!

I'll end with some cards I painted in recent days, and maybe a youtube link or two to my latest videos. Thanks for coming by for a chat, friend. Take care of yourself.

In which I admit to making a daunting To-Do List:

In which I tackle Item #1 on that list!


Debbie Nolan said...

Mary enjoyed seeing your videos. Your watercolor cards are so beautiful. I am sure many of your friends and family love receiving one of them. Looks like you do have a big to do list but tackling one at a time keeps one's perspective from becoming overwhelmed. Have a good day.

Granny Marigold said...

The latest cards that you painted are lovely....yellow is the cheeriest colour. I'm envious of your daffodils. I always look forward to Daffodils (well, I look forward to all kinds of flowers!!).
It's good to hear that Adam is doing okay and feels up to doing some outside work. His brown bread looks amazing and I imagine it tastes that way too.
I hope you have a great time with your friends on your day trip.

Henny Penny said...

Bet Adam did miss you and was glad to have you home. Where do all the weeds come from in the garden? It's overwhelming! I love your cards with the yellow flowers. Yellow flowers are cheerful and beautiful. Our ground has got to dry out a lot before we can even think about a garden. I can't believe we're supposed to have 5 or 6 straight days without rain. I'm so excited!

Lisa Richards said...

So glad to hear that Adam's getting outside and able to do some active gardening! Hope he won't OVER do it, lol.
The flower paintings are beautiful and the food looks delish, as usual!
I'll check out your videos soon!
Enjoy your warm weather and your outing with friends!

Lisa Richards said...

I enjoyed both videos! Couldn't seem to figure out how to leave a comment on the actual videos, but wanted you to know I watched them! I'm always so interested in seeing the hidden corners of people's houses, lol. The watercolors you added ink to came out really nice! The silverware drawers look great! I'm glad someone is working, cause I'm sure not, lol.
Hugs to you and Adam!

magsmcc said...

I'm so glad you and Adam are back together again! And you are right about the being thankful. I wonder have we all learnt that properly now? So very much to be grateful for. I had a little look at my strawberry plants this week. They look a little weather-beaten and sodden just now, but I'm hoping they'll find their way back. Maybe that's a gentle metaphor for the world just now. Fraise lachrymose, but still fraise. Maybe I should blog that!!