Wednesday, May 19, 2021

There and Back Again, As They Say ...

 Adam and I took a trip to West Virginia last week to see my mother (at last! after 16 months!) and my brothers and two sisters-in-law and one nephew. It was lovely. It was chilly. It had been way too long, not only since visiting dear family but since seeing the state I love.

(As an aside, the greatest obstacle to my blogging these days is the difficulty uploading photos. Google's storage limit keeps me from connecting my phone photos directly to Google Photos now, so it's a pain to get photos all the way over here to blogland!)

Here's the view from my mother's front porch:

We did go out to eat once, but otherwise we mostly enjoyed the beauty of my mother's home and my brother's farm. He has baby lambs!
Those are bottle-fed lambs from sets of triples or quads, whose mothers could not manage them all.

I've been saving my figs from last summer in my freezer, having promised my dear mother that I'd make her LOTS of fig preserves (with many, many lemon slices) to last her at least a couple of months.

I've never been much of a fig fan, but I think she's converted me. It's delicious on morning toast. When my figs ripen this summer, perhaps I'll make a few pints for myself.
Mother's doing pretty well for her age. Beau gave her a brief moment of affection.

It was hard to say good-bye!

Now we're back to our usual routine. My little "side business" of soaps/lotions/watercolor cards has grown slowly over the past year, and now I find that it takes much of my time each day. I am constantly making something. I paint for 2 -3 hours each morning, make skin care products after that, and try to film for my youtube channel along the way. 
Oh! Let me share my latest weaving project -- 2 little baby blankets for my two precious grandsons, woven on one warp. It was challenging because I don't weave often and make lots of mistakes. 

There will be youtube videos of both the WVa trip and the baby blanket weave, but they're not quite ready yet ... almost!
Sorry I've been so absent, and thank you for dropping by.