Greenfield Civil Wars

The chapters, in order, as they are published on this blog:

Chapter One: The Committee Meeting
Chapter Two: Minding Babies
Chapter Three: Rev. Shepherd and Mr. Heeler 
Chapter Four: Dr. Cloudee Gives an Opinion
Chapter Five: Greenfield
Chapter Six: A Morning Visit 
Chapter Seven: An Unexpected Visit
Chapter Eight: Inflammatus
Chapter Nine: Civil War
Chapter Ten: A Funeral
Chapter Eleven: Confession in the Kitchen
Chapter Twelve: Stirring Up Trouble
Chapter Thirteen: The Cloudees Ruminate
Chapter Fourteen: In the Potting Shed
Chapter Fifteen: Tete-a-Tete 
Chapter Sixteen: Of Coffee and Confidences 
Chapter Seventeen: The Value of a Good Wife 
Chapter Eighteen: Plottings 
Chapter Nineteen: A Little Spat 
Chapter Twenty: The Last Battle

This little book is meant as a light-hearted depiction of the fun, the friction, and the foibles of the church as I've known it all my life -- in somewhat exaggerated form. No person in this book is in any way a copy of any person I've known, although I must apologize to Anthony Trollope if, in some ethereal location, he reads my little offering and finds in it people familiar to his writer's genius. Mr. Trollope, I love your writing so much I could not help but participate in a little theft. The intent of this book is not to harm, nor to offend. If you take life rather seriously and disapprove of satire, do not read, my friend. If, on the other, you're able to point a friendly finger of fun at yourself, you may safely proceed.

All contents of Greenfield Civil Wars are copyrighted by the author, M.K. Christiansen, and are her property only.


Anonymous said...

Very cute story! Sequel, please.

M.K. said...

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've started on a sequel, but have not finished it yet (true of quite a few stories, I'm sorry to say). Thanks again for the encouragement.