Thursday, March 21, 2019

One Down, One to Go!

Baby booties, that is. (These aren't my booties. This is the photo of the pattern from the book.)
I finally got knitting on this tricky pattern.
It calls for a "boucle" yarn -- a yarn made with lots and lots of tiny loops (almost curls) all along the yarn strand. I had this yarn in my stash:
Some knitting is easy on the hands with little tension. This pattern is not one of those :( 
I knitted the first little bootie and had to stop for the day - sore hands. I'll do the second one tomorrow, I hope.

 There's an i-cord band around the opening, but you'd never know it with all those loops. It was a little maddening avoiding putting one of the double-pointed needles through those loops.
 Double-pointeds were made to drive knitters insane.
Pretty flowers at the grocery store, just for you!

Last but not least, here are the cards I've painted since we last chatted. I've sold some more in the past week! So exciting. Many, many thanks to my encouraging customers who are dear friends.
Another misty forest scene

 Lots of layered flowers

 Another ocean scene, this time without the tutorial
 And two cares with text - a first! Chickens seems a good idea, since they always have lots to say.

I haven't been feeling quite up to par lately -- tooth trouble, achy neck, general fatigue, and a lymph gland in my neck that seems a bit large. Just stuff. I try to take it easier than usual. The weather here (we really can't complain, compared to other places) has been cold, crazy windy, and rainy. We are hunkered down inside until we see blue skies again!
Oh!!! And Lady Grey, one of my silkie hens, has decided to go broody again! I thought she was a bit long in the tooth for that behavior, but no! I'm hoping for a few little chicks in about 20 days. Hooray! Here's the mama:

Monday, March 18, 2019

For Those Not Weary of Watercolor ...

Here are a few more watercolor cards I've painted in recent days. 
 A youtube painter had a quick tutorial on these ocean paintings.
 Another youtube painter, Emma LeFebvre, has a tutorial showing how to do misty forests.
 But first I watched her video about painting layered flowers. These were fun.

 The blue one is my favorite.
And I did one more of these, just because:
I have quite a pile of cards for sale now, so I will need to slow down, haha! (If you care to view the cards I have, click here.) I'm waiting for fabulous weather at the farmer's market some Saturday, with lots of tourists in town who desperately need cards. (Haha!!) We will see.

It's sunny out there, but a bit chilly. I'm going to venture to the garden and hide from the wind in the greenhouse and tell myself I'm 'working' while fiddling in the dirt. See ya later! Thanks for all your loving, kind words about my painting. It sure is nice of you all!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Whimsy Ink and Pretty Yarn

I painted that one whimsical flower card that I showed you in the last post. Since then I've painted a few more ... so they do kinda look all alike. But they are so much fun! At first I thought the black ink on the flowers was just too silly, but now I like it. Here are a few more:
 Before the ink highlights (above) ...
And after the ink (below) ...
 A taller vase:
 A sloppy, overflowing vase:
This morning's vase:
Well, enough of those! Who wants to see some pretty yarn that I discovered today in a yarn store near the beach? Sweet little shop. Here's their card:
Here's their website.

 The pictures are extra big so you can almost feel the yarn :)
 The yarn below was so gorgeous! It's dyed by a lady in New Bern.
 Here is the rest of her display:
Somebody in the shop made these baby/toddler pants. Aren't they hilarious?
She called them "monster butt" pants.

We suddenly decided this morning to take the day and drive to the beach to check out an old motel where we stayed 5 years ago. They did storm renovations after Hurricane Irene. Then we ate lunch at the Crab Shack ...

shrimp burger and fried okra
Took a stroll to the beach and saw them trying to reclaim the beach after the hurricane (!!!) ...

That giant tripod machine on wheels (with two men atop) went way out into the ocean, and came back, and went out again. We never could figure out what he was doing.
And enjoyed riding the ferry ...

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

With Apologies, from your Absentee Friend

Somehow my brain has been in a fog lately, and I feel like a hamster on a wheel - nothing new to tell. Mostly I'm painting, reading a little bit, and napping during the day. Anne Morrow Lindbergh's diary/letters is still fascinating. I'm to the part where she and Charles are visiting Germany in 1936. 
Image result for charles and anne lindbergh
Everyone wanted to avoid another war. The last world war was only 18 years in the past! They were also pulling through a worldwide depression. Most nations would struggle to amass a fit army. Placating Hitler sounds like lunacy to us now, but at the time? It seemed like wisdom.
Image result for map of germany in 1936
Germany, 1936-1939, as she pushes her borders for more room
One of Germany's biggest complaints was overpopulation; they felt it was unfair that other European nations had more land for each citizen than they did. This fear of overpopulation, of being squeezed in the middle of Europe with poor sea access, fed their desire to be rid of socially undesirable people and their devotion to eugenics. Today, eugenics is a filthy word, a racist, hateful term. But in 1936 even Anne Lindbergh lists it as one of Hitler's favorable accomplishments for Germany. 

It's often shocking to Americans to discover how quietly committed our own state governments were to sterilizing wards of the state, if it seemed best to do so - prisoners, the mentally ill or deficient, or anyone deemed undesirable for reproduction. Eugenics was often discussed as a managing of the human breeding stock. Many states are now settling lawsuits regarding forced sterilizations, including my own North Carolina.

So, Lindbergh is a strange read, that's for sure!

If you're still reading ... well, we've been outdoors, turning garden beds, watching the peas grow. It's still a wee bit cold, but the greens are peeking out and the basil is up in the greenhouse. I'm working on my herb beds too. They are pretty awful-looking after winter.

And painting? If you want to see, here are some cards I've done lately:

 Both of the "Dancing Girls" pieces were inspired by a piece of art given to me years ago by a Korean student.
 These floral ones have sold well, so I painted more of them.

 This one below I just did before dinner, and it was so fun I think I'll do more -- pure whimsy!

If you care to view the cards I have for sale right now, click here. I hope your spring is springing, and snow is melting, and the birds are singing!