Sunday, June 5, 2011

What to do with a window frame?

A friend at church gave Adam two window frames. Adam will use the one with the large, single pane to make a solar wax melter for his honey bee wax. The other window frame, however, he does not need. So I began thinking of all the fun decorative plans I could construct, involving that six-paned window ....
Online, I found a website with a multitude of ideas! This one is fairy-like, but probably a bit over-the-top for my dining room:
I love this idea of a window frame in mid-air. But I don't have a porch location for it, unfortunately.
Isn't this elegant? Paper was put on the back of the loose window frame, and it was hung in the larger window, for privacy. Beautiful.
One can do so much with window frames! This seems a bit challenging for my small-brain creativity, but isn't it lovely?
For the quilters out there:
Oh, to be a maker of stained glass! This crafter cut chips of colored class with her glass-cutter, and glued them onto the old frame in flower designs. I wish!
Now this, I could do. I don't know how long the frame would last outside, in the weather. And Adam would have to make the flower box, of course. Hmm. It's charming.
A very simple choice. I could so see this above my fireplace. I don't have a mantle at all, so I could use some more structure up there.
This option came from this site. I'm leaning this way, except putting scrap-booking paper under various cards I have. I keep correspondence, especially beautiful cards, and sometimes frame them. I could "frame" six cards, with six different paper patterns, each in its own pane. What do you think? I'd have to dig through old cards too, which is fun. I like this idea, because everytime I'd look at the cards, I'd think of my friends.
Okay, friends -- your opinions!! I need help! Even if I don't know you and you are a stranger/lurker here, I could really use some advice! New ideas? Opinions on these? Thanks, y'all :)


  1. I like your last idea - the different papers. Then you could make paper bunting (little) to adorn it. CUTE. I have one in the bathroom.

  2. Thanks, Pom! Today I worked on cleaning it up. Still deciding.

  3. You could back it with cork covered with pretty fabric and change out the cards every so often. I like the glass clear though. You could put another clear piece of glass or plexiglass behind it and sandwich the cards between. Or how about pressing some pretty flowers or ferns and putting one in each square? I like the picture with the windowbox the best.


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