Saturday, November 1, 2008

The oven door

Hmm. Okay, so for some reason, my pictures are being uploaded here in backwards order. I'll just have to put my thoughts in reverse:
Here is the lovely wood we'll be burning tonight in our firepit. It came from the HUGE, WHOPPING BIG log that Adam has had sitting in the yard for weeks, intending to cut it into his oven door.

And here is the oven door, so far. He split the huge log, got his sections generally square, and planed the door a bit. He's attached it to the oven with these big hinges. Later, he will curve the top of the door, and plane it some more, so it will be more flush. Don't want any of that precious heat to escape!

After the wood splitting.

He was able to get 2 doors out of the log, actually. This is the "spare." He'll keep it until the first one bites the dust. Good, old oak. Each of these door sections weighs about 35-40 lbs., he says.

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