Thursday, April 13, 2017

Male Pattern Stupidity, Take Two

I just refreshed my memory about Adam's ankle injury of last June, remember?
Well, here we go again!
This morning I was happily plopping tomato seedlings into the soil when Adam walked up, holding his right hand wrapped in a dish towel.
 That's when I realized I would (again) spend my day in the Emergency Room.
He'd started the day so well! He was repairing the broken window, cutting a new sash.
There's the offending saw. I found a surprising lack of blood splattered around. And the broken window is back there too. The fact is, Adam was pushing that board through the saw without using the little pusher board, which we all know (from watching Norm Abrams for decades) is an essential part of woodworking safety!
Male Pattern Stupidity at work.
Thus, I got to watch him like this for a few hours:
 I admit, I was not as tender and caring as I was last year. After the whole Infamous Knee Injury While Riding a Bike, and the lawn mowing incident with the copper wire ... I'm rather tired of having Adam in the hospital.
Okay, I won't show the photo of his fingers when they were gashed open, but for those of you who like to see scary medical things, I'll post a post-stitches photo.
For those of you who get squeamish while trimming fingernails, this is fair warning!







coming up.

Hopefully that was enough warning and you have now put a book over the screen while you scroll past.
 The worst part was the thumb. He did break the end of the thumb, or perhaps I should say ... that's the part that must've hit the saw blade and it crunched it a bit. He got about 25 stitches in all. They put in an I.V. and everything! Gave him repeated shots of something like lidocaine into his hand so he wouldn't feel anything. But he still felt it. He felt the lidocaine jabs most of all, so finally he stopped telling her that he could still feel the stitching, so she would stop jabbing him. He's a nut.
Then another nurse came in and wrapped it all up with two splints underneath.
 "Live long and prosper," he can say. Or he can turn his hand sideways and it looks like a great gun.
He is determined to milk this injury for all the hugs he can get. However, he also doesn't want to stop doing stuff. I made us salads for supper, but he insisted on making hot cocoa himself while Julia cooked up some of her Asian soup.
Fun times in the kitchen!
I was meant to start my Spring Break from work tomorrow, but I took today off too. Injured husbands come first. Mine spends more than his fair share of time in the E.R. But at least this time --- he's still ambulatory!
I rewarded myself with pecan pie from a new bakery nearby.


Debbie Harris said...

Oh my... sigh...looks painful.
Sorry to hear this praying for healing.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh my goodness! That looks AWFUL but, I am so thankful it wasn't any worse. May his healing be swift and complete.

Have a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady

Pom Pom said...

Oh no! Bill did that once with a chainsaw. Poor Adam! I'm glad you took the day off. Happy Easter!

Gumbo Lily said...

If he wasn't working, none of this would happen. Sometimes work is messy -- in lots of ways. I hope his injury heals up quickly. Is the window going to the lumberyard so they can fix it up for you?

magsmcc said...

I jolly well hope you got a glorious pecan pie out of the glrious dish? Because you're worth it!

Ida said...

Man oh man he must be a glutton for punishment. Hope the hand is healing quickly.