Monday, April 12, 2021

Full Spring

  Hello, dear friends! We are busy here at our place, as I know you are at yours. I'm loving this, my perfect weather of the year: No hurricanes yet. No mosquitoes yet. No terrible heat yet. It's a joy to go outside in the morning with a jacket on and drift into some flower bed and begin picking weeds. There are always weeds.

We haven't traveled anywhere quite yet, but my son and his wife and baby traveled to West Virginia to visit my mother. Isn't that the sweetest photo? She held him for hours. He is such a sweet baby, very content. That was over Easter weekend. I hope to go visit her in May after I'm fully vaccinated against Covid. It's hard to wait.

My other grandbabies are in Mississippi, of course. These are Easter photos of them. I miss them so much! Ellie Kate is growing and thriving now, and we are thankful. Isaac is happy and cute as ever.

My Lady Banks Rose, of which I'm inordinately proud, is glorious right now! I've had so many plant failures that it's a comfort to have one thrive like this.

I'm gazing at her right now, out my studio window.
Adam is starting many spring/summer projects. He wants an outdoor cooking area, and he eyed my clothesline area as the desired location. So the clothesline came down!

That grassy area between the deck and the carport poles will be a small eating area. He'll build an outdoor brick cooktop/grill just about where he's standing. He'll also cut new stairs into the decking, there in the middle of that white lattice. It's not an ideal area -- the carport limits its size -- but it will be nice, I think. He'll make pavers for the area too. He makes concrete leaves, using our elephant ear leaves as molds, and they would make good pavers there.
I've fallen into a nice rhythm these days. I eat my toast and coffee in my favorite chair in my room and slowly wake into the day. Then I drift into my studio sometime between 8:00 and 9:00, and I start painting. Now that we're back at the farmers market, my cards sell each week and I must replace them to keep my inventory up. So I paint needed cards, perhaps do a bit of work with my soap/balms/shampoo bars, or I ship packages to customers. It really is time-consuming in that it takes my morning, which is excellent. I feel useful, and I'm not bored.

There are a few recent cards.
I must say, it's wonderful to see Adam active again. All last year he generally felt awful and was unable to work outside. He barely kept the grass mowed with his riding mower, and that was all he could do. There's much outdoor work to catch up on, but he has more energy. He needs to rebuild his stamina and strength. What a discouraging year it was! But the Lord has brought healing and help; we are thankful. It seems as the years go by, and we learn a little more to trust Him and be content, He provides more and fills in all the needy gaps in our lives. 
I would say that we are content here, content now. Life is far from perfect (as perfect goes), but perfection is not necessary for contentment and goodwill; Love is. I need daily reminding in myself, that patience, forgiveness, helping others, and hope are the ingredients of a happy spiritual diet. And prayer. I'm always deficient in prayer!
I hope all is well with you dear friends in blogworld! If you want more details of our daily life, my youtube channel is the best place to look. Meanwhile, wisteria:

Youtube videos of late:

Eating on the deck with Adam:

Knitting a mitred square blanket:

A day at the beach alone:

Creativity as mental health:


Angela said...

I am a bit prideful of my Lady Banks rose too! So sweet and full just now!
That is wonderful Adam is feeling so well!

Lisa Richards said...

The cards are beautiful! Glad to hear you are both doing well and Adam's able to get out and enjoy the farm. It's snowing here! Hopefully that will be short-lived. God bless y'all!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Glad your Mom and some good 'grandmom' time and your other grandbabies are adorable. I love your Lady Banks rose. Where will your clothesline be moved to? Your watercolors are lovely, may you sell them all. Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

P.S. What camera do you use for your videos?

Henny Penny said...

Oh, these pictures are just beautiful! The one your Mother holding the baby is precious. Could you paint that? And, what beautiful grandchildren. Little Ellie Kate looks like a baby doll and Isaac is adorable. Your Lady Banks rose is so pretty. Oh, if only I had the money back from all the plants, shrubs, and trees I've planted and let die! Guess that's why I love our big snowball bush. It keeps coming back and blooming every year! So glad Adam is feeling better. There is so much to be done this time of the year...and it will be sticky hot again before we know it!

gretchenjoanna said...

Oh, my, it's wonderful to hear that Adam is feeling well enough to plan so many projects and to be getting started on them! I hope he paces himself for the long haul.

You sound very good, Mary Kathryn. Those mornings quietly full of art and beauty sound like daily therapy.

annie said...

I have enjoyed your videos so much. I think I have seen them all now, but am always looking for new ones. I love your pretty rose. I have never had much luck with them. I would love one of those! You could sell cuttings at your market if you had some rooted out.
Those precious babies look alike.Such beautiful children you have.
Tell Adam I am thankful he has improved so much, and if he ever needs to move another post to use a car jack and a chain. You can wrap the chain around them and jack them up right out of the ground. We learned that many years ago the hard way :)

M.K. said...

Flower Lady, I use my Samsung phone. I don't know what kind of Samsung it is though.

Adam will move the clothesline further into the back yard, not too far.

Pom Pom said...

Jolly is on his way! You won't get him for a while but I hope you enjoy him when you do! I am so happy for you - all those grands!