Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shoe love

Yesterday Anna asked me if I would take her shoe shopping. She had some money to spend from babysitting. Shoe shopping, for us, is a trip to Rack Room Shoes, because they have CHEAP (and I do mean cheap) shoes. Sometimes they even beat a good resale shop. But they also have some really weird shoes, and you have to be choosy. So...we went.

She was pickier than I. She did finally find a lovely pair of fallish shoes - covered toe and heel. They must about 3 1/2 inches high, which makes her a whopping 5' 3 1/2'', I suppose. They are really pretty. I'd post pictures of all the shoes, but Philip took the camera (well, technically speaking, it IS his camera), so I can't.

I did say, all the shoes. She bought one pair; I bought 4. Please understand, the ones I bought we only $5 a pair. What a great sale!!! The summer shoes were on sale, of course. My favorite brand of shoe is Aersoles. They must be the most comfortable shoe out there. They NEVER make my feet ache. I found a pair of those, plain black soles, about 2", with broad, white band across the foot. And a cute pair of sandals with gold straps, tied in a "knot" on the top of the foot. I've found that metallic shoes go with everything. And a silly little pair of pink sequined flats, just for fun. And a pair of shoes for Julia. They are bright pink, slip-on mocassins, if you can imagine.

When I get the camera back, I'll post pictures. I do LOVE shoes.

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