Monday, January 23, 2017


Do you ever pass through an entire month and wonder what in the world happened? January's nearly gone. What did I do?
 Today I spent a little time in Oriental gazing at the river.
An historic home in the village has been falling down. I noticed the back porch disappearing the other day.

 Today, well, it was gone.
 In recent years the elderly couple who own it, and who still visit Oriental occasionally, would come to stay there. It was quite scary. One exterior wall was held erect by bracing, and I heard the stairwell and upstairs floors were falling in.

 One marina's boat owners decided to take the poopy seagull situation in hand. They bolted these spiky devices atop the dock poles.
 Speaking of dilapidation, I've been meaning to photograph this interesting barn on Teaches Cove.
 More unusual that the normal falling-down barn, this one had a stash of computers in the corner, now quite exposed.
 Isn't that odd?
Meanwhile, a building is going up on our farm. It's the new greenhouse!
 This is the most recent photo I have, but this afternoon Adam also attached the walls on the far end, so it's nearly ready to unscrew and move into the garden. Last year's greenhouse was about a $100 project; this one is about a $500 project, but it will last a decade at least. I'm quite excited about my new farm wife retreat.
Now, for my friends still buried under ice and/or snow in Alaska, Montana, Minnesota, or Ireland ... or elsewhere! ... here are some of the bulbs that are already up on our farm.

 The big fig tree is budding out.
 As is the Japanese magnolia.
Of course, most of my perennials, the ones I love, aren't even making a peep. But I do keep checking! Soon Adam and I will sit down and make a list of seeds to order, and I'll move everything I need into that lovely greenhouse, and I'll spend many happy  hours there, snug with my soil and pots, working away at making our summer garden. A greenhouse is a retreat for me, away from the angry voices out there in D.C., on Facebook, on the radio, voices that would tear us all apart while they claim to stand for good. I'm tired of both sides, and I'm quite suspect of any group that says it's "for" something. Usually, it's just "against" something and willing to be quite mean about it.

I prefer the greenhouse.
I guess this was more of a farm post and should have been over on the other blog, but it's all Our Life, right?


  1. Beautiful green spikes poking up, reaching for sun! Snow on the way for us. It's ok. It means moisture in the ground and maybe some run-off into reservoirs. All good!

    I like the peaceable life too!

  2. That's sooooo weird about the computers!?!??!! Also, very scary to see that building collapsed!
    I do so enjoy hearing about farm life- the greenhouse looks super!
    SOrry that I haven't been across- for some reason you have not shown up in my reader feed for a while- I have that problem with lots of people too!!!x

  3. Well, aren't you green and lush! Glad to see your retreat is almost ready. Sad to see old houses torn down, but that one sounded downright dangerous. You should have given that green barn a little shove with your foot. Finish the job! :)
    Enjoy your peaceful puttering!

  4. My it was good to come for a visit, it's been awhile. I'm in the same boat as Kezzie, you have not shown up in my feeder???
    That barn was quite amazing the way it was leaning, and those computers...odd.
    Aww...the peaceful life, that's for me too.
    It seems no matter where you are it's the topic of conversation, the media that is.

    Have a great week!

  5. I love this post- did I tell you that I did re-read Candide after your day in the day garden following the election result. Dormouse in France is saying the same thing, amid the tumult to cultivate kindness and fruitfulness just where you are. It is very healing to read of your little house going up with so many coming down. Hope. Hope and courage, and small things x

  6. ps not buried under snow here at all. Most disappointing!

  7. I love seeing your bulbs sprouting green shoots! I have some of those, too, and am eager to see the flowers, as soon as the sun shines through the rain long enough to make them show themselves. Is that how it happens? Well, I know I don't want the rain to damage the irises and ixia as soon as they bloom.... we'll see what does transpire.... I seem to have no control over it!!


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