Monday, July 7, 2008

Finishing the front...

Here are two shots of the oven thus far. Notice first that Adam removed the arch support on the lower, larger arch. That is the wood storage area, and doesn't it look better! He has made a lot of progress on the upper portion. The top arch, which he finished today, still has its wooden support under it (rather ugly, but necessary). He still has brick work to do on the sides and back, and will go get some more brick for that. We have a nice friend who has given us all the red brick for free!! :)

The pitched roof actually will not show from the front; the brick front will come up as a rectangle, with a chimney in the front center, behind that new arch. (It actually
shoots up through the middle of the arch.)

Adam is excited because he can TASTE the end of this project! He's been making progressively hotter fires in the firebox to help dry it out. The regular mortar dries on its own rather quickly, but the fire clay (which serves as mortar in the fire box) only dries when it is heated. This must be done slowly.

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justannie said...

i just saw philip yesterday and told him it looked like the fireplace would be done by the time he got home!