Monday, October 11, 2021

Time to Burst Outdoors!

 It feels like autumn at last! I step onto the back deck, feel the gusty, cool breeze, hear the leaves rattling lightly, smell the damp rain ... and I'm so happy! Summer is over, finally! Now life and joy can begin!

(I deeply apologize to those who cannot identify with this feeling against summer. I know I'm outnumbered.)

I've been physically active recently. My doctor told me that my pre-diabetic situation remains unchanged since last fall, but that my vitamin D levels were very low; this deficiency was likely causing my fatigue and achiness. She gave me a prescription for D2, and voila!!! I'm feeling so much better!

I've been clipping shrubs and suckers on trees. Totally cleaned and rearranged the guest bedroom after our daughter moved out to the Little Dependency. Dismantled a huge drafting table for Adam and cleaned said Dependency. Finished knitting my homespun sweater!! (It's a bit wonky, but I think I love it.)

Loose ends still need to be woven in. The neck opening remains too big in spite of my cinching it up along the back. The bottom hem curls up. (sigh) But it's still a very fun sweater, and I'll enjoy it. I'm working on another mitred square blanket: 
This one will be smaller than the last, and will have a diagonal pattern.

I've tried to keep walking each morning when I'm not doing other physically-challenging farm or house work. Next, I want to paint our front door a bright teal/blue.

Here's a video I made yesterday -- short and sweet. My favorite poem.

Here's another video of ambient music I've been listening to lately. Very soothing.

In two days I'll drive up to West Virginia to see my dear mother, plus son and daughter and baby grandson will be there!!! I can't wait to hold and play with him. I'll be sure to take photos and make a video.

Okay, all you lovelies, venture forth into the brisk beauty of fall and think of all the fun things coming before the year's end. Thank you, Lord!


Sandi said...

Cute sweater! But I TOTALLY LOVE the sunflower.

Granny Marigold said...

It's amazing how you're back to your motivated, healthy self!! Wonderful!!
I love the Robert Frost poem ( which I knew by heart in my younger days) and the ambient music is playing as I type. Have a safe trip to WV and I'm sure it will be lovely to see your Mom and the others too. Take lots of pictures/videos. XX

Retired Knitter said...

Oh, I am with you on being glad to see summer on it way out! Actually my favorite season is winter for lots of reasons I won’t bore you with here, but Fall is a very close second!

GretchenJoanna said...

I'm so glad you're working on your Vitamin D levels, Mary Kathryn! In one or more studies it was found that no one whose Vitamin D levels were good died of covid.

It's hard to imagine you not being active in some way, what with the dozen creative projects you always seem to be juggling! I'm happy for you that you have renewed energy for them, in the fall.


Lisa Richards said...

Yes, that IS a glorious sunflower! I kind of enjoy fall and winter myself, but I know it's lots of extra work for my son-in-law to keep the woodstove going. Every year we look forward to summer and then complain because it's too hot, lol. We can look forward to the weather of heaven which will suit us perfectly. We got down to not-quite-freezing last night, but will be in the high 50's today. I'll try to get in a walk. Hugs!