Monday, January 10, 2022

I Will Write Nothing Grim

I like that word, "grim." It's so British. I nearly wrote a grim post, and then deleted it. Aren't you glad? Instead, I must inform you that I have become a Cat Person. I didn't intend to, but The Cat decided I am his person. Who am I to argue?

Cats are entertaining. Leo is inquisitive and very smart. He's fascinated by the humans' potty. He understands "no," and adapts his behavior accordingly. He sleeps on all the cozy spots near any window.

In addition to cat-watching, I've been burning lots of yard waste in a big barrel, doing a little painting, and a bit of spinning.

Carding rolags. Spinning a single-ply.

Leo showed an interest in yarn, but I was stern with him.

A couple of scarves have come off the knitting needles, trying to use up old yarn that's pretty but lacked purpose.

I painted this with the help of a youtube tutorial.

a card for a friend

prompted by a painting by fellow watercolorist Fernanda Saraga
Granny Marigold, I made your butter tarts! They were amazing. I tried them with raisins, chocolate chips, and pecans. The raisins were the best, by far!

These days, I'm mostly staying home, which I very much enjoy. January is the quiet month, isn't it? The animals are snoozy all day, something warm is on the stove or in the oven for supper, and I feel I'm in a time of anticipation, waiting for the world to heal.
And while I wait, this farm is a beautiful place to be.

Much love to you, dear friends. May you find rest and peace wherever you are.


Henny Penny said...

I like the word "grim" too. Most things British, I do like. Yes, I'm glad you decided not to write a grim post because the post you've written is so enjoyable. That is the softest most delicate looking kitty. Looks like he is going to be a BIG cat when he grows up. Cats are so lovable. I love your pictures. You are so lucky to have an old farm to fix up. I would LOVE to have it and especially a big old barn to restore. Oh my gosh, and you SPIN! a dream of mine! Your painting is beautiful! Never seen a trash barrel I thought was pretty until this picture of yours. That's so pretty!

Granny Marigold said...

I'm glad your Butter Tarts turned out; they look great.
I like the sunset picture especially those branchlets which are perfect.
Leo looks like a sweet kitten. I'm not much of a cat person but when I go walking I always chat with cats I meet on the way.

Retired Knitter said...

January is my favorite month. It is quiet, it is a time of rest after such a busy holiday season and it is the beginning of a new year - and at my age - seeing in another new year is cause to rejoice. I also like winter because all my hobbies are indoor ones and I feel less guilty about spend large segments of the day on them when it is January. Lets hope for a better year.

GretchenJoanna said...

I did ponder quite a while the other night over what descriptor to attach to "January." I decided on "restful." The last few days have been wonderfully restful and I've been able to stay home. Thank God!!! But now, it seems that I must start going places and being distracted again.

Leo looks like the perfect winter companion! You are about the best things. God bless you, Dear Mary Kathryn.

Lisa Richards said...

Is the cat yours or are you cat sitting? They sure know how to relax and enjoy life, don't they? Love all of the paintings! Enjoy your cozy winter pursuits. :)

Leigh said...

Your photos are anything but grim! All very happy. The world can never have too much happy.

magsmcc said...

Beauty and hibernation. Beauty in hibernation. I've learnt three new words this month - one of them is hibernaculum. Sums you up perfectly!. I feel that all my blog posts have been grim. We need to hibernate and heal. And there will be beauty, if only because you create it for us x

Sandi said...

"I feel I'm in a time of anticipation, waiting for the world to heal"

Tears here. Me too.