Saturday, July 12, 2014

A New Home

For those dear friends who'd like to see more of my parents' new-to-them home, here's a sneak peek.
It's an 1890's farmhouse. It needs some work, but it has a lovely rural charm already.
A friendly creaking screen door welcomes you in.
My mother's living room furniture fits nicely in this new living room. They'll buy another gas stove to go inside that mantle before winter.
The living room looks straight into the kitchen. They've put their kitchen table there. No dining room in this house -- they are doing the "down-sizing" thing that is so advisable and practical at their age.
The stairs go straight up from the front door.
They have quite  a few of these charming old windows in the house.
I love this upstairs hallway with its grey-blue paint and old worn floorboards.
A large cedar tree presides in the front yard and shades the porch.
This pump provided water in years gone by. The house used to be the local Methodist parsonage.
Those of you who know my mother will not be surprised at this:
My farmer brother quickly put in a pretty garden for them. Mother and Daddy are not up to gardening on this scale, but my other brother's family come and tend to the garden and share the produce with my parents. It works well, and it's a good spot with good soil.

Beautiful farmland, pasture land, and wooded mountains surround them on all sides.
I noticed the healthy crop of plantain she has by her front steps.
There are nice sheds out back.
Mother acquired two playful kittens with the house. She's enticing them with regular meals and will win them over fully in the end. She's been doing that with humans for decades.
Dotted across the fields of the Greenbrier valley are farmsteads just like this, some on the roads and some tucked far back against the hills. So lovely.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour!


  1. WOW! Just the kind of place hubby and I thought of through the years. Peace and quiet, views and an old home.

    What a wonderful place for your folks.


  2. What a gorgeous cottage they have! It looks so lovely and warm and welcoming inside. And the surrounding farmland is just beautiful.

  3. It's a beautiful, warm home in a lovely setting. I hope they'll be over the moon happy there and your brother gets an "Attaboy!" for the garden...very well done.

  4. VERY cool! Thank you for showing us around. It looks like a good bit of work, with all the property and whatnot. The house is super cozy. Does it get really cold there?

  5. Lovely tour - reminds me of some book about old-timey days. It's great that your parents are still young enough to enjoy it, with the aid of family nearby to enjoy with them and help them.

  6. Whow! what a lovely place to settle.........I wish your parents all the luck in the world.

  7. beautiful home, lovely environs. I love how it came with two kitties! I bet I know what you're doing with the plantain!

  8. Mary Katherine, it's a beautiful house and your Mom has made it warm and welcoming. Kudos to your brother for the garden...hmmm, this is bringing back a memory...have I commented and you've not been at a computer to okay the post?
    Lordeee merceee it ain't easy gettin' old!

  9. I did very much enjoy it! It's lovely to spend some time, and see all the gorgeous views and the hospitable house and mama, without experiencing any humidity.

  10. I LOVE your parents' new home!!! I can see why your mother was drawn to it! - Gretchen


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