Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sunfish Sails

I haven't had time to do a whole post on Croakerfest yet -- maybe tomorrow. But during the festival we enjoyed watching the sunfish race. I love all those tiny single sails huddled on the river.
 The sunfish race was a big deal this year because two camps very near Oriental, Camps Seagull (for boys) and Seafarer (for girls) are hosting the World Sunfish Competition later this year! And the winner of the Croakerfest race is automatically entered into that competition -- pretty cool!
This zippy catamaran kept dashing back and forth right next to the rocky border along South Ave. -- right where hundreds of Croakerfest participants could watch their skills on Saturday. They were good! The wind must've been perfect because back and forth they went, each time heeled way over with their feet braced against one hull of the boat while they basically stood with their backs leaning over the other side, and the boat gliding along on one hull. Lovely to behold.
 This was a funny sight -- a small sailboat going along slowly with a boy pulled behind on a paddleboard. He never went very fast.
How 'bout one more sunfish? Look at this pair ~
 I spotted them on the river on Monday while I was on a bike ride. And I said to myself, "I do believe those are two of my children."
Here's a little video of their approach to the beach:


  1. Sun + Water + Kids = Fun, fun, fun

  2. It's fun watching the yachts racing - we've always been involved in yacht racing here too.
    It's a fun summer pastime!
    Now in the depths of winter's icy blasts, so your kind of days are a mere memory for us now!

  3. WOW!!! What lovely photos! Lucky Julia!x

  4. Beautiful! I esp like the first one. What is it about the splash of color on the water that appeals so?


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