Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Dream of Weaving

Adam says the first time I mentioned I'd love to weave was in Galena, Illinois (one of our favorite towns), nearly twenty years ago. I love the look of a loom. I love reading about Tasha Tudor's seven looms in her house. I love hearing about resurrected antique looms found in old ladies' basements after they've died. Well, for Christmas this year, Adam decided to buy me a loom.
 It's an Ashford rigid heddle loom that rests on the side of the table. It makes woven fabric that's 30" wide at most. It came with directions (above) and a catalog from Ashford (below).
 Adam assembled it the other day so that it could be ready for me to examine on Christmas morning. It's quite wide, but it stores easily by leaning it against the wall, or behind the couch, or under the bed.
 He's been watching all manner of Youtube videos about weaving and fabric and carding wool, because that's his nature. I learn by doing it, and so when we get all the paraphernalia we need and get the loom threaded, I'll have fun with it.
I am quite excited and can hardly believe that a dream I've had so long, is about to be realized. Now I just wish somebody could give me a Christmas present that contained the extra 20 hours per week I'd love to have, to weave to my heart's content! I'll keep you posted on this next adventure.


  1. Thrilled for you! I can't wait to see more posts about of my dreams too. My hands are starting to ache with all the Christmas knitting going on around here.....I enjoy thinking of the ppl I'm knitting for while it's happening. Currently I'm thinking of my brother and my mom :)

  2. I look forward to seeing your weaving projects. : )

  3. Oh wow, I really can't wait to see this in action and what you make!!! What a lovely present, esp as it is so long-anticipated and longed for!x

  4. What a lovely gift from Adam, and a dream come true for you. Enjoy learning and creating ~ FlowerLady

  5. Goodness, that is very exciting! I look forward to lots of very beautiful creations in 2016!


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