Monday, December 14, 2015


At last -- it's Monday, and the Very Musical Weekend is over. Community Chorale concerts and church singings are done, and they were fun. Spirit of Christmas happened in Oriental, and I did lots of knitting and lotion-making for the market. Some of the busyness is past. The girls are gone to town for Julia's last school day this semester, Adam is gone to gather leaves for compost from the church yard, and I am home, quietly alone.
Let me catch you up on some little things. The view of the Oriental Christmas Parade from a pickup truck. That's our local vet, walking her two doggies in the parade.
Julia and friends wave at us.
 Some families watched from their porches. Some threw candy back at us - haha!
One little boat sat in the harbor still from Friday night's Christmas flotilla. It has greenery and a Santa hat on its mast.
And candles on its deck.
 I sang a solo to open the concerts on Friday and Saturday nights at the Methodist church.
 Our community chorale:
 The girls painted eggs to put on the tree. This is something I did with my family when a young girl. Adam blew the innards out of the eggs. They used watercolors and an acrylic sealant.
 We all sat in the living room watching Star Wars while they painted.
A snowman ~
 A wintery cabin ~
 A little town ~
 O Christmas Tree ~
 Santa's flying reindeer!
Remember I shared with you my nativity set? Well, our house is old and the floors slope, and Mary and one of the wise men kept falling over. Jesus's manger fell over too, tipping baby Jesus out. He must've rolled off the piano top and onto the floor, and now we can't find him.
Now the manger is empty. I hope he's either under the dining room table, or under the halltree. We need to find him before Christmas. Maybe ... this could be the serendipitous beginning of a new family tradition? Hiding baby Jesus somewhere in the house for the grandchildren (who we don't have yet, of course) to search for? Hmm. It's an idea. But we have to actually find him this year first!!
Much love to all in blogland. I'm hoping to return to my blog reading this week. Most of the Christmas shopping is done, thankfully. I want to stay home and be peaceful. How 'bout you?


  1. You HAVE been busy, good girl! I hope this morning's rest did you some good. God bless you, sweet friend.

  2. Happy photos and well done for your solos and contributions to the musical endeavours!!! The eggs are beautiful and such a pretty idea. I love your nativity scene but am I going mad, because Jesus appears to have come again!!!x

  3. Hiding Baby Jesus, or at least keeping him back until Christmas Day, is a tradition with many people. It makes sense to have him arrive on the right day, doesn't it? I also know people who have the wise men "travel" around from place to place in the room so that they don't arrive until Epiphany. But to have the main attraction missing -- that is disturbing, I agree!

  4. p.s. What song(s) did you sing for your solos?

  5. How truly special! The beautiful simplicity of Christmas in a small town and eggs on the tree. (Love them!)

  6. What a lovely post about your peaceful Christmas in your small town.

    Continued happy Christmas holidays to you and yours ~ FlowerLady

  7. I love the small town parade. Reminds me of our local parades. Glad you're doing so many creative things; lotion making, knitting, singing, painting! I've gotta get back into some kind of singing! I love the idea of watercolor on eggs. Never thought to paint them like that. I hope baby Jesus has been found. I just bought a crèche at the Dollar Tree to add to my collection (which I just started thinking of as a collection). Have a Merry and Peaceful Christmas!

  8. We keep baby Jesus out of sight until Christmas, then he goes in the manger. Hope you find yours! Your Christmas festivities sound charming. Never heard of blowing out eggs and putting them on a Christmas tree. What a good idea. Hope you get some nice quiet time, M.K.

  9. Cracked me up about baby Jesus. I understand sloping floors, but not that much. I needed that laugh, let me tell you. :)

  10. We used to collect Provencal santons for our French crèche, back in the days when we travelled far south! My bay Jesus was always in his manger from 1st December, but then in Paris one Christmas I realised that He stays somewhere safe until Christmas WEve and then is "born", so that is what we do now. I miss Him though- I think we miss the trick in ADvent, pretending that we are waiting for Jesus all over again. He is here!

    Your title reminded me of Yeats and his "peace comes dropping slow" in Lake Isle. I like the sense of that after all your busyness and then flopping down with eggs and movie x I think that will be my line for the next eight days!

  11. I would have love to hear you sing your solo. :)


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