Monday, February 22, 2016

Weaving Sunshine

I finished that crazy night-and-day woven infinity scarf.
It's actually kind of cool.The one downside is the loose warp strings on each end. The baby blue just does not fit in with the look of the scarf  at all. I tied them together to make the scarf a loop. They are on the underside. If the scarf is folded in half, they are hidden inside.
 I've trimmed them a bit. They are much too bulky to weave in. I might conceal them under something -- a strip of neat fabric? Not sure.
But if I hide them at the nape of the neck, the scarf looks rather neat:

Those gold bands gave me an idea for a long, thin scarf as my next project. 
I used most of the same weft insertion yarns to warp up this piece:
I really like all those warp yarns, and I want them to show. So I need a weft yarn that will blend in and not dominate. Of the three I laid across the warp yarns above, the cream-colored one (top) is too bright, as is the yellow (middle). The variegated gray/beige/cream yarn on the bottom is the most unobtrusive.
Even the tied-off ends of this warp looks like a festival!
I really pulled out all my fun sparkly yarns, even if I only had a little of them. Some were pricey yarns from "Weaver's Web" yarn store; some were cheap ends of skeins I found at thrift stores.
Here's how the scarf is looking so far:
The warp yarn is showing, although not as much as I'd hoped.
I think some lady out there will see it and love all that texture and glitter, and buy it at the market. I've sold two scarves so far, which isn't a lot, but they cost more than my crocheted/knitted things, so it takes time.


  1. Pretty! Well done, MK! I'm so proud of you, becoming a weaver so quickly!

  2. You are so clever! I love what you have done so far with your loom!x

  3. Oh, what a beautiful scarf! And your sparkly weaving is gorgeous as well. I continue to be impressed!!!

  4. Love that glitzy sparkly piece you are working on. Good for you selling two already. It takes time to get known, but you are well on the way and already have a ready market that you are part of.

    Happy Weaving ~ FlowerLady


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