Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Is Coming!

 This is our tree this year.
Adam and I went shopping and strolling in old town New Bern yesterday. It's lovely there. Here's one old-fashioned alleyway there. Shops downstairs; apartments upstairs.
 They have a whole Christmas alley with lights and Santa's little shack for photos, shops with fudge and toys.
In one shopping corner, a sign advertises "C. Foy ~ Tonsorial Parlor." What is that?
 Does this help? It's a barber shop! Have you heard of a "tonsure"? It's the medieval haircut of monks, where the hair on the crown of the head is shaved but a ring of hair is left around. I don't think any fellows are choosing that style today!
 Our church had a lovely 4th Sunday of Advent -- wreaths on the doors,
 Poinsettias in the sanctuary ~
 Our Lessons and Carols Service on Sunday night was lovely. We are not a fancy church, but we are friendly and full of love and joy. Three lovely ladies enjoying refreshments afterward.
 Happy family Christmas cheer!
 New folks getting to know each other:

 Adam and Norm:
The music of that service really put me into the Christmas spirit, and knowing that my two sons and and their ladies are coming this tomorrow has kept me quite joyful for weeks. It will be a full house, and probably chaos and not so much sleep and waiting for the bathroom ... but it will be grand! I miss them all so much, and my heart is so full knowing I will see them soon.

'Tis the day of arrivals!!
 Look who came for Christmas!! Anna arrived with Philip and Kara -- as a surprise to Adam and me, and we were truly surprised! I wept and held her so tight. Philip and Kara kept the secret SO well.
 And they came bearing gifts :) Our tree is quite full.
 The living room is now a chatty gathering place. We're drinking egg nog, recovering from spaghetti, pondering all the other sweets lying in wait around the house, and waiting for Peter and Shani to arrive!!


  1. ....and a happy Christmas to you, surrounded by friends and family. It will be busy but fun.

  2. What a wonderful surprise you had and a wonderful Christmas you are going to have.

    Happy Christmas and have a great 2017 ~ FlowerLady


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