Thursday, March 9, 2017

North Topsail Again

Hi, all. For our third year, we market gals are at the beach together, having a wonderful time. Here are a few pics I've taken since we arrived yesterday morning.
 We cross over the ICW (Inter Coastal Waterway) just before reaching North Topsail Island.
 One of the first things Christine wanted to do was fly her kite. She bought a dragon kite and it sailed quite well.
 This year our dear friend Jan could not come -- she had work plus two doggies to care for. We miss her.
 This year it's sunny, gorgeous, and temperatures are in the 70s. I'm so glad! Two years ago freezing temps kept us wrapped in coats and gloves.
 The beach is fabulous -- not many interesting shells this year, however. I did write a little poem about shell-collecting here.
 Christine's dragon kite!
Here's where we stay: Pooh and Piglet's Place. It's for rent. Patti knows the owner, and we come "off-season." See the Pooh and Piglet banner?
 We've played a moderate amount of Mexican Train Dominoes. I won the first game!! :) But the phenomenal weather has kept us outside, either beachcombing or relaxing on the deck.
 Alright, I share these photos with permission! Christine brought along this crazy game called "Watch Ya Mouth!" Players insert bizarre mouth pieces that prevent them from pronouncing words with m's, p's, b's, and other sounds. Then they must say phrases that are impossible to say, and other players must guess what's being said.
 And this is how you look when you're playing.
 Christine is the breakfast chef, and Eggs Benedict is one of her signature dishes. Yummm.

 In a very uncharacteristic move, we decided to go get pedicures. Patti loves pedis and gets them regularly. I go once or twice a year. Christine hadn't had a pedi in five years. And Kip? Kip had never, ever, in nearly 60 years of life, had a pedicure. She'd never even had polish on her toes. I kid you not!

 The salon is in Sneads Ferry and is called B.A.P., and it's extremely good. We will return there next year for sure. And how did Kip take to her spa treatment? She snuggled into that massage chair like a pro and is quite proud of her pink toes :)
I chose a purply polish for the first time ever.

 Tomorrow is our last full day at the beach, and I plan to make the most of it.
Today, that included taking a one-hour nap and finishing watching Brideshead Revisited on youtube, a show I would highly recommend.
Cheerio from the beach, y'all!!!


  1. What a great time you had! Your purple polish is great and I love the toe ring too. A toe ring is tempting.

    I'll be 68 on the 20th and I've never had a pedi either. :-) I paint myself.

    Have a good weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Tell Kip she's not alone. I'm 60 and have never had a pedicure. Just not the spa kind of gal, I guess. I've always been too frugal anyway. :) My son-in-law regularly paints his wife's and daughter's toenails and fingernails. I think that's so sweet! Cute dragon kite. Do you drool a lot when you play that game? LOL! Reminds me of the dentist prying your mouth open so you can't swallow. :) Glad you're having beautiful weather!

  3. This is too splendid! The beach, the time, the friends... the pedicures! Much nourishment. God bless you, Mary Kathryn! XO

  4. How lovely! I'm so glad you are enjoying the beach with your market pals! Pretty purple toes!


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