Friday, March 31, 2017

Julia Paints Pets!

Julia is now working on her third pet-painting commission. First she did the pair of kitty cats, remember?
 My mother liked them so much she asked a friend to lift the photo from my blog and make sets of cards for her to use. My mother loves to write cards and notes to friends and goes through lots of cards. She sent one to me too!!
Julia's also working on a German shepherd portrait for someone. She's not as happy about this one, so it's kind of in limbo. I told her to finish him! -- just because it doesn't look perfect to her artist's eye doesn't mean others won't think it's quite nice! Anyway, this fellow is still unfinished:
Last but not least, a pair of beagles:
They are still in the beginning stages. Below is the photo she's working from, 
for their owners, a girl in one of her college classes.
 When Julia paints, she likes to get big chunks done, and she paints for hours, usually in the middle of the night. (Mama Sigh inserted here.) I dislike her sleeplessness, but I sure love what she produces. This is the floor of the little room she usually paints in. (Cue another sigh.)
 Yes, she did. She used the back of a nice sketchbook for her palette. These things no longer bother me. Much.
 And don't forget the Painter's Fuel. Haha!
All that to say: I have suggested to Julia that there might be people out there who would pay for a nice acrylic portrait of their pets on canvas. If you are such a person, leave me a message, and I'll put you in touch with the artist herself, and you can work out the details. And I'll post those beagles when they're finished! It bothers me that they don't have eyes yet!


  1. She's doing great. She will gain more confidence the more she paints.

    Dad could make her a palette out of a piece of lucite or glass, with edges smoothed. :-)

    Happy painting to the artist ~ FlowerLady

  2. That's fantastic! Julia is very talented. I don't have any pets but I am sure many people would love theirs immortalised in Paint.
    I did giggle at your sighs over Julia's foibles!!x

  3. I think it's wonderful that Julia has such a talent. The cats of course are my favorite but she is doing a wonderful job with these animal paintings.


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