Thursday, April 20, 2017

Clover and Buttercups

Our pasture, our pups:

I'm sorry for the general absence of blog posting. Life is quite busy, especially with Adam's right hand out of commission. I've enjoyed my week of spring break. Julia and I are heading to Charlotte for a bridal shower for my new daughter-in-law, Shani! It will be a quick trip. The wedding is right around the corner, and life will be busier still. Adam continues to heal although the damage to his middle finger was extensive. He has a pin in it to prevent bending it.

I will get back to you with photos from the shower, our garden (which is doing quite well), and other developments in family life. Tata for now!


  1. That what's Corran and Beorn do all day long too. :)

  2. Hello and good morning, good MK! I liked hearing your voice this morning. The buttercups are indeed GRAND! xo

  3. I love your little movie! Thank you for sharing your buttercups and pups. Springtime, and dogs playing in a field of flowers... so fitting. :-)

  4. What a beautiful pasture! Nice to hear your voice too, M.K.

  5. Hi, MK! I'm having trouble with videos today, but it did finally work. I enjoy hearing your voice. I hate my voice in recordings! I believe I saw photos of Shani's shower on Facebook? Life's been hectic here, too. I finally did a short post. :)


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