Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Twin Girlies!

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I just promised my mother on the phone that I would post photos of her new great-granddaughters. They were born last weekend (I think ... how quickly old brains forget!)
In the photo above, Ilana is on the left, and Leisa is on the right.
Below is a photo of Leisa when she was released from NICU, 
and just waiting for her sweet sister to join her, which happened quickly. 
We are all so thankful that they are HOME.
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I'm lifting these photos from Facebook, and the one below of Ilana by herself is the best I could find. This was right after her birth. She had a little trouble breathing for a bit, but is fine now.
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And here they are together, out of NICU.
Ilana on the left; Leisa on the right.
 I think Ilana really looks like her mama's side of the family.
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And speaking of the mama ... here she is!
Doesn't she look fabulous for having just birthed twins? 
The girls were (generally) about 6 lbs. each, a very good size.
Oh, to be young enough again to have two little boys, add twin girls, 
and still look so calm, rested and capable.
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I called my daddy for Father's Day, told him I loved him, sang him a Happy Daddy's Day song, and told him what a wonderful, dependable, reliable, steady father he has always been to me.
And he has. Not all daughters can say that.
I'm very thankful for him.
Then Philip called and told us that, for Father's Day, 
he got us gift money at our favorite local Mexican restaurant!!
What a wonderful boy! I must say, among Philip's many gifts is certainly
the gift of gift-giving. We are all often blessed by it.
Thank you, Philip and Kara!
Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there!
Some are happy on this day --
and some are heart-broken.
May the happiness thrive, and may the heart-break be short-lived.


  1. Beautiful babies! Congrats to everyone!

  2. P.S. Are these your grandbabies? Wonderful!

  3. May God give that new mama the rest she needs to keep up! :) Beautiful babies!

  4. The twins look so different. They will be easy to tell apart. My sister and I had to wear our name tags for a few weeks in case we were mixed up.

  5. ok, I'm sorry I'm so behind on your news. Are these your grand babies?? They're beautiful !!

  6. They are just precious and look at all that hair. Hope mom gets plenty of rest. It sounds like she has her hands full for sure.


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