Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kid Gifts

I've been saving some of these photos for a very long time. As our kids move into adulthood, they have begun giving us presents. I posted about some of the Christmas gifts, which were so lovely. Here are some other presents we've received from our kids recently.
 Anna enjoys shipping things to us from Japan. I know it must be a lot of trouble, but that doesn't slow her down! This is a package I received several months ago.
Cute paper:
 Very cute box ...

And inside, a fresh pile of letters, written lovingly, by hand, on individual sheets, for me to read day-by-day. An account of her first year teaching, how she felt, how she struggled, how she missed us. It's not easy reading at times! A mama's heart seizes up a bit, but it's good to know it's all last year, and she's adapted so well. Sweet, sweet letters.
Julia gave me art. I look at this Every Single Day. She knows I love the ocean.
Philip and I share a love of music, and he enjoys getting me CDs.
 These are all excellent, but of course Chopin is my favorite :) Or maybe Brahms.
 While in Massachusetts for Peter and Shani's wedding, I told Kara how much I liked her sandals. And then ...! A pair arrived in the mail for me for my birthday! Yippee! Isn't that the best?
 Anna also sent a fun package for my birthday. She found a shop in Japan called "Afternoon Tea." Sigh!!!!!!!!!! A shop made just for me! Look at this tea strainer:
 The base is a mini cup and saucer!
And she sent two dish cloths that are absolutely the BEST. Perfect fabric, cute design. 
Anna, I give you permission to give me MORE of these for Christmas, okay?
On to Father's Day! 
Here's Anna's package:
 Both these ties are a lovely blue, not gray. Blame the camera :( But Anna has impeccable taste in ties, and all Adam's new favorite ties are gifts from her.
 More cute packaging there.
Okay, then we move on to the adorableness in a little bag within. She sent her daddy a bag full of Japanese candy!! Squeeeeal!
Aren't they cute!!??

I tried this one first. It's a chewy candy that's supposed to taste like Coca-Cola. Not bad!
 And now for some of the others. I can't tell you how they taste because I didn't try them, but they sure are fun to look at! It was hilarious to study them all.

Adam says the Hello Kitty was a combo of white and dark chocolate .. yummy.
Philip and Kara called our favorite restaurant in New Bern and had a gift certificate waiting for us there on Sunday evening, for Father's Day. Goodness!!! You would have thought we were the World's Best Parents ... which I can assure we were NOT. But we have the sweetest kids ever. And what did Peter give us recently, you ask? The best gift of all ... a new daughter :) Is there any better gift to your parents than choosing a lovely spouse? They are busy, busy, busy in Boston trying to settle in, do new jobs well, adjust to married life, and plot a course for the future. That's a tall order, and I think they are very brave and adventurous.

I must say, I'm so proud of all our kids. They are not perfect, and neither are we. But we love them all so dearly, and we know they love us. I hope you enjoyed the fun presents they've thought up lately.


  1. These are wonderful presents! You must feel very blessed and you must realise how much they appreciate you! The candy looks really fun but rather sickly! I love Julia's painting and the tea strainer. Isn't the letter idea wonderful!

  2. So many thoughtful gifts! What a great bunch of kids! :)
    I think the Japanese have turned food packaging into an art form. So colorful! I love looking at them!

  3. Aw! They ARE sweet! I love your new flip flops!


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