Friday, July 21, 2017

Busy Fingers

 What better way to keep busy in the summer heat that sitting inside and playing with yarn?
I'm knitting a shawl with lots of old Charisma yarn. It's a chunky yarn that I used to crochet smittens with. I love how all the colors are coming together!
 This big bag belongs to Anna, but she left it here, so I've loaded it up with all my skeins of Charisma yarn. I like to sort and organize my yarns by types that way.
I'm nearly done with this scarf on my loom. It's a soft, loose weave.
 I don't crochet much anymore. It hurts my thumbs. But when I sit at the market on Saturdays with nothing else to do, making a little crocheted soap pouch is so easy.
 Don't you like all the stripey colors? I hope somebody wants to take it home :)
These are the dog days of summer, as they say. Adam is out mowing and mowing. The grass gets ahead of him! We had day after day of rain, and then when it was sunny, he needed to finish the new chicken coop (which is finished! yay!). Bless him ... summer is not a time for farm projects when there's mowing to do!
I took Julia to WalMart earlier this week for the once-in-a-lifetime, set-her-up-for-college shopping trip. Actually, we were quite moderate in our purchasing; she's not a high-maintenance shopaholic type of daughter, I'm glad to say. She has less than a month left at home. She will visit us, but somehow I don't think she's the type to come back to live with us. She's quite independent.
Anna is now on her long school break. The Japanese school year starts about April 1, and they have a long break (kind of like our Christmas break) from mid-July till September 1. During this time she works for the Board of Education office. But in a few days she has a friend coming to visit her from the States, and she will spend a good bit of time with him.
Enjoy your yarn, ladies, if you're knitting these days!


  1. Beautiful yarny work! I don't miss trying to keep up with a lawn, though I did love having one. ;)

  2. Love your creations!!! The colors are wonderful, different textures, different patterns and different ways of working with yarn.

    I've been crocheting, plus this week I've done some beading with seed and bugle beads.

    I feel for Adam. I've got to mow again too as we've been having a LOT of rain. I did it last week, but not this week and it seems to grow quite a bit each day. Hopefully next week I can get out there in a dry spell to mow.

    Glad your chicken coop is done. I'm sure your girls are happy.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. A lovely crafting post. Great colours in your wool, though I couldn't touch anything that warm in the hot weather we are having here. I'm being a delicate flower at the moment, knitting with 4 ply yarn.

  4. Your creations are great and a soap pouch is a lovely idea!
    Wow, Julia is off to College! That is amazing- I feel like I have known her for so long through your blog and she has grown so much!!x

  5. So beautiful. I do not have talents in that area. Sounds like you are multi-talented with the bead work too. Awesome!

  6. Your knitting and weaving is wonderful! I wish we had days and days of rain here. Come see how dry it is in my country.


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