Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Over the Fourth


We watched the fireworks in Oriental. This year they set them off from the top of the bridge. The reflections on the water were breath-taking, as usual!
 To avoid the crowds in Oriental (a town of population 850 swells to about 4000 for the weekend), we viewed the show from Green Bay Marina, where our little boat is moored. We'd planned to take the boat out on the water for the show -- and it is stupendous to view them overhead and reflected on the water, from a boat!! -- but the water was quite low and the rudder was stuck in the mud. So we watched from the dock.
I've been eating tomato sandwiches at last! My Brandywine tomatoes are beginning to come in.
 The big news, of course, is that Philip and Kara are visiting and resting, and they brought OUR GRANDDOG along!! His name is Charlie, and he s utterly adorable.
 Adam is enraptured with Charlie. Beau is trying to cope with the addition of a more-beautiful dog than he is, in the house.

Look at those soft, curly ears!

 The above photos were taken on our drive back from Fort Macon beach yesterday. Charlie was snoozing from sheer exhaustion on Philip's chest.
Hiya from the beach!!
 Adam's been cooking up a storm. Yesterday he made pickles, a gallon of salsa, and then made fabulous nachos for lunch. We had burgers from the grill on Sunday, and today we'll have Nathan's hotdogs for "The Fourth."

We are officially on tomato overload. We've made salsa and tomato sauce (over 6 quarts), canned and frozen. I've given some away. I hope to sell LOTS at the market this Saturday, but not selling at the market this past Saturday really set me back!
Adam's pickles
 Last but not least, my four baby chicks are doing quite well. They are old enough now to take the warming light off of them, even at night. I also had heavy plastic and towels draped around their pen so they wouldn't escape through the metal bars. But I think they're big enough now they won't squeeze through.
 I have two silkies (the gray ones) and two others that are a little smaller.They are living a good life on the front porch now while Adam builds their new coop and run.
I'll try to nab a photo or two of Philip and Kara, but you know how it is when photographing your children -- especially when they are on vacation and resting! I don't want to put them off in any way from coming again, haha :) Have a happy and safe July 4th, everyone! Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans!


  1. Happy Fourth! I feel for you, trying to deal with a tidal wave of tomatoes! Aw! The grandpup is very cute!

  2. Tomato sandwiches are my FAVORITE! It'll be a wait for me to have a homegrown tomato. Wishing I could buy some of yours!

    Cute puppie and cute YOU! Your chicks look like they are doing well. Happy Independence Day, American!

  3. You're making me SO HUNGRY! :)
    Glad you got to see the kids!


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