Friday, July 28, 2017

Contemplating the Kitchen

The next room in the house that we want to redo is the kitchen. Many of you know what a huge task that is. Julia is soon to leave for college. For the first time in about 50 years, I will be HOME in the autumn with no: 1) school, 2) work, or 3) children. That's a stunning thought! So ... what better time to rip out the old kitchen and try to make it into something I love?

Because I gotta tell you -- I really, really don't like the average kitchen. This is what we have. I did not clean up before this photo shoot, haha!
The left side, looking from the dining room
 Our kitchen is about 8 feet wide by 20 feet long -- that's me guessing. Happily, our ceilings are 10 feet tall, so there's lots of room UP.
The right side, looking from the dining room

Down the middle -- this is a galley kitchen
I will not get my dream kitchen, because my dream kitchen would have a center island and a wood stove and a comfy couch, plus a desk and chair. The walls would be those of a log cabin, which this house is not. Since I can't have those things, what do I want? I want open shelving and a rustic look. I'll lift a few photos from google for you:
Image result for rustic galley cabin kitchen with open shelves
I love all this old, dark wood. The darker the better, for me!
Image result for rustic galley cabin kitchen with open shelves
This kind of free-standing furniture would be my favorite, with open shelving elsewhere. I loathe cabinets.
Image result for rustic galley cabin kitchen with open shelves
I love those old Hoosier cabinets, but any old sideboard would do.
Adam will build the shelves for me.
Image result for rustic galley cabin kitchen with open shelves
I like these shelves below:
Image result for rustic galley cabin kitchen with open shelves
Shelves, to me, seem to provide a more economical use of the space. And I want a rod overhead to hang things on.

I love this. I want my cookbooks in my kitchen again. I want herbs drying overhead. I want to sew a curtain to hang in front of the under-sink. And although there's no room for a chair, I'd love a folding stool I could pull out of a nook, to open and sit when needed.
Image result for rustic galley cabin kitchen with open shelves
As for the color of the walls (because they must be painted!), I'd like the light sage green in the photo above, or something close to it.
We'll also pull up the flooring, unsure of the condition of the wooden floor underneath.
Do any of you have kitchens like this, or wish you did? Do you have suggestions before we start? I told Adam perhaps we should start in one corner, ripping out and replacing little by little as we go around the room. Yes or No?


  1. Lots to think about! Sometimes the planning is the best part. Good luck.

  2. I like the rustic kitchen look! I am more cottage-y (sage green cupboards and funky knobs). You'll have fun! I'm so glad you'll be home sweet home!

  3. I do like a rustic kitchen too, but I did not make mine totally rustic when we redid ours 5 years ago. I like the "white and wood" combo. I do like the open wood shelves, but I do not have them....yet. I used oak on some cabinets and white on others. I really like this look:
    I think your white cabinets are very cottage-y and charming. I'd just put some wood shelves for upppers if it was me. My tip: take your time and build a pinterest board or notebook with everything you love and then see the common theme and pick and choose from there. And mostly, HAVE FUN!

  4. What a neat project you have ahead of you! I like your kitchen as is, but I love your inspiration photos too!!!

    Happy remodeling and keep your cool while going through it all. It is a job.

    Happy dreaming, planning and doing ~ FlowerLady

  5. That is going to be a BIG job. At least it sounds like you will have time for it. We redid our whole house when Daughter moved out. My way of doing the kitchen would be to dive in and rip everything out. It would be a big upheaval. But doing it bit by bit would be messier. I don't have to live there though, so do what you want. That's all that matters.

  6. I love your kitchen as it is, but I see the charm in rustic kitchens as well. I wouldn't have the appropriately rustic dishes, etc. to fill those open shelves and make them look picturesque, but that could be a new hobby in itself! :) I agree that the planning is a lot of fun. Enjoy yourselves!


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