Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Weave

Without too much detail, I'll say I finished the "sampler scarf." Like an old-fashioned cross-stitch sampler, I wanted it to contain much practice for me, a beginner, especially on changing colors and incorporating a little bling. Just a little.
It's washed and drying outside in the 85 degree chill of a Southern Christmas Eve, haha!
The family members think it's quite pretty. I think it's rather garish, but I did try to limit myself to a handful of yarns ... I hope it has a "theme."
I did a little hemstitch with some youtube assistance on the tassel edges.

Adam conferred with his biggest cookbooks, hunting for all the best recipes for Christmas dinner tomorrow. Tonight he's just making a little shrimp and cocktail sauce for supper.
And yes, I've started on my third weave, another scarf. This time I'm going more subdued: dark blue, light blue, with a touch of silver sequins.
But I've put it away for the next day or so, to focus on Christmas. We're having company tomorrow for dinner, and the house is full of yarn and doggies :)


Mary Ann Potter said...

I love it! How about this for a theme: color celebration!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I LOVE your colorful scarf.

You are doing very well!


Lisa Richards said...

That sampler scarf is a beauty! You're really hitting your weaving stride! We had a great Christmas. Hope you did too!

Gumbo Lily said...

Awesome!! I'm totally impressed. Plaid blanket scarves are all the rage right now! Love it. Hope you had a very merry Christmas.

melissa said...

You amaze me. Just amaze me. Toss you a new talent and you're off and running. I totally love this. Even prettier than your first piece. Your husband has created a MONSTER!!!