Wednesday, December 23, 2015

More Weaving

I finished the first weaving project. It turned out well for an experiment. Not good enough to sell, but I'll enjoy using it. It's about 25" by 25".
This olive green color reminds me of my mother. She likes things this color.
My edges at the beginning of the weave were quite bad, as you see.
And twice I made a weaving error -- somehow the shuttle didn't catch one of the warp threads Here you see what that looks like on both sides of the fabric:

I hand washed it, let it dry overnight, and now it's on an end table in the living room.
I could hardly wait to begin the next project, a scarf. I'm glad to do something narrower. After watching a few videos online, I want to incorporate lots of different colors and a few bumpy textures into the scarf. I raided my stash of "Simply Soft" yarn; it works perfectly well on my loom, I'm glad to say.
Here's a bit of my more interesting yarn -- textured with sequins, faux hair, metallic strands. It's easy to slip a bit of this into the weave and incorporate it. Once it's trapped in the weave, it's secure.
The whole process is quite creative and oh-so fun! One drawback is that after I weave it and wind it onto the front roller, you can't see it anymore (until it's finished and unrolled). I can't see it. I can't get an image of the entire project in my mind's eye.
So I'll have to wait until my creativity has run its course, and then I'll find out the entire effect of what I've done on the scarf. I'm wondering if I've been too adventurous, incorporating too many colors. We'll see.


Lisa Richards said...

I can see what you mean about not being able to see what you've done. That seems like a difficult thing to overcome, unless you had a predetermined pattern drawn out. But it sounds like spontaneity is the fun part of it, right? Very cool! Weave on, sister! :)

Mary Ann Potter said...

Hey. I am impressed! I remembered something while I looked at this; Vic's grandmother was a weaver, and we have two pieces of her work that we use as night-stand dresser scarves. They are still beautiful after all these years.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

WOW! I have a feeling you are going to sell lots of woven pieces.

You are doing just fine for a newbie in my book.


happyone said...

Nice colors on your scarf project. I like to use simply soft yarn on my weave-it squares.