Sunday, August 16, 2015

Boat Names in Oriental

It's been a while since I shared boat names with you. These names generally come from Sailcraft, but some may have been spotted elsewhere.
Kokopelli, if you can't make it out
Not knowing what Kokopelli meant, I typed it into Google and discovered it's a Native American fertility god. It's also the name of a trail in Colorado, so I think I'll go with that one!
Many boat names reference the night sky. I think boaters are particularly aware of the stars and night sky in general. Makes sense.
Boats are feminine, you know, and quite romantic.

I'm not familiar with this name either; some boaters pick rather obscure words for names. Apparently there's a people group called the Wuji, and it's a concept in Chinese philosophy.
Calculation ... math? figuring out your location when you're lost? I mean, why choose that word above all other words as you boat name? I'm sure they had a reason. I'd love to know.
Many boats have sweet names like Angel's Wing.
Ocean Wanderer

The punny ones are my favorite :) The sails are sheets, for you landlubbers out there.
Again ... back to the night sky.
This boat is waiting for her perfect name -- the old one scraped away, the new one in someone's mind somewhere.


  1. Fun! I think I'd name our boat Little Toot. In my mom's home town there is a company called Nordic Tugs. The pleasure boats look like tug boats. I'll take one of those! Happy boating, MK!

  2. When my kids were babies I would say "Wuji buji, wuji buji" in a baby voice as I pinched their cheeks. I wonder what I was saying?!? Boat names are fun. :)

  3. Some of my favorites: Plan A (on a very expensive yacht), Willy Tippett (on a small sailboat), Sailbad the Sinner, and my favorite, Never Again II

    1. Allen, those are hysterical!! May you have all the boats to use those names:)

  4. enjoyed this favorite boat name is "God's Grace"; saw it in Georgetown, SC.

  5. I can tell you have never visited New Mexico, especially Santa Fe, where the biggest tourist souvenirs are everything Kokopelli, dolls and anything else you want.


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