Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cool Things at Christmas

Here are a few cool things I received at Christmas. Of course, my loom is the coolest gift of all.
This is weaving project #7, I think. It will be a cover to lay on top of my piano. Look below -- can you see the glaring error? No? Notice that the red column, second from the right, is wider than the others. (Sigh!!!)
I threaded one more eye in the heddle than I should have, in that section,, even after carefully counting over and over again. Oh well. It's just for me, and I don't mind. I'm quite picky about what I'll sell, but not so picky about what I'll keep.
Here's another nifty gift -- jewelry organizer (mostly earring hanger). I've accumulated so much jewelry over the years. Not much of it is "fine," but it's not costume either. I've kept it in little bitty boxes and such.
 This caught my eye at a local pottery store where my soap products are carried. Look at it from the top:
 There are so many little holes! Each one holds an earring, and because I prefer dangly earrings, this is perfect for me. The center bowl can hold bracelets, larger earrings, necklaces, or whatever you like.
I really love it.
Philip and Kara gave me some specialty teas that I've been enjoying SO much, especially the past few days when the temperatures have been dropping. It's cold! But the tea is hot :)
Anna likes the pomegranate, but I love the citrus lavender sage. What an aroma!
So, did you get anything for Christmas that has warmed your heart? Please share!


  1. I didn't spot the error until you mentioned it. I was too busy looking at the lovely warm colour. As for pressies, Daughter gave me some lovely wool. I'll blog about it soon.

  2. Wonderful gifts! My kids gave me Amazon gift cards. I just received a box full of art supplies in the mail, thanks to them! Fun!

  3. Oooh, that jewellery organiser is marvellous!!! I love it! Your weaving is great! I am afraid I can't notice the mistake no matter how much I stared at it!x

  4. I never would have seen that so-called mistake in your weaving, but I know exactly why it bothers you; I am the same way, fussing unnecessarily over some little thing in my art or miniatures that I believe sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb!

  5. Neat Jewelry organizer and the loom looks fun. I like your checker board pattern.

  6. I can see how your loom is the greatest, in that it goes on giving you hours of creative satisfaction, and enables you to give from that. I also received some tea for Christmas, and books that I'll share about - I hope! - and garden tools!


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