Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In the January Cold

In addition to weaving, I've been doing a little of this:
People are still buying scarves. And Anna has been doing a lot of this:
She's in embroidery floss heaven! A friend sent her some cross stitch stuff. She loves it.
And Adam (Adam! Can you believe it?) has succumbed to yarn temptation. He's making a hand-knotted rug, using a Persian knot method.
 He made the frame from cedar wood scraps.
I'm wondering if his man-card is in jeopardy.
Monday night in the quite-cold, I got together with my market buddies for an evening of Mexican Train Dominoes. We all brought dinner: stuffed eggs, sausage/cheese dip with scoops, Adam's French onion soup, salad, and turtle cheesecake for dessert. I think we were more stuffed than the eggs.

How 'bout some boat shots? At Saturday's farmers' market a lady strolled around with a baby and a few rambunctious boys. Actually, the oldest teenage boy came first, carrying the baby. They'd clearly just crawled out of bed.
They are live-aboards on this lovely boat:
This stunning vessel is 64 feet long. Don't know her name (didn't want to be that nosey), but I did talk to the lady.
It's her husband's dream and passion, she said, to sail such a boat and travel with the family. They are from Alberta, Canada. No wonder they are this far south in January! They've been living aboard for 3 months. The two oldest boys are plenty big enough to help a lot, but I'll-tell-ya, that's a lot of boat to manage!
She is a beauty. Three tall masts. If they had a blog I would read it!


  1. Cold weather is good for crafty pursuits! Yay for Adam!

  2. Ooooh, look at all you thread-users!!! Clever Adam to do that, cleve you and Clever Anna!!x


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