Sunday, January 10, 2016

Peace in January

As I age I like January more and more. Quiet contentment descends after the furor of the holidays. My world s settled, undisturbed, in a routine. I like that after Christmas.
The earth seems quiet too, in her sleeping dormancy. I don't think of nature as being dead in winter; I think of her as resting deeply, gathering her strength for spring.
But not yet.
Let's enjoy winter first.
I know I can say that glibly, away from the threat of ice storms and snow mountains and sub-zero blizzards. We don't have them here.
Winter in the South is a peaceful season. We often have balmy winter days in the 60s or 70s, near perfection. Winter is a time to be outside quite often.
 Adam's mom bought us this wonderful sign for our farm-to-be. Right now, it's not really a farm yet because we haven't produced anything or sold anything or in any way made the property pay. In fact, it's made us pay, if you know what I mean. Hopefully in time that will turn around. But the sign does give us hope. It's right by the driveway as we come in.
 After much deliberation, hemming and hawing, trial and error, I think I've finally settled on the soap packaging I want ... for now.
I wanted to get away from plastic for the most part. Perhaps some customers still want plastic? I don't know. And I did not like wrangling with burlap at all. Then I lit on this idea: strips of paper .... but what kind of paper? At last I found packages of scrapbooking paper on sale at Walmart. 50 sheets for $4.00. I cut the colorful sheets in strips and use my label to secure it, and tada!! New label! I'm also getting rid of the ugly round stickers from Dollar General I was using for the price tag. Instead I got these little tags-on-strings. I've needed new price tags forever. I'm very slow to change things. Anywho -- the new packaging is above. What do you think?


  1. Oh, that sign is gorgeous! And as far as defining your farm by whether or not it produces a profitable crop, don't do it! I like my definition better --- a dream of a place in a rural area that gets worked because the folks who own it are crazy about the lifestyle it provides! Here's a link to my blog that you may enjoy, my interpretation of what's happening under the soil in winter:

  2. LUV the sign and I'm in the south but not having your weather. It's snowing and blowing and COLD.
    As to the soap...nice label! the paper will probably degrade over a short least mine did and then it turned all greasy and stuck to the soap. The soap isn't effected but it also doesn't look all that nice either. Someone else I know used wax paper...same problem. Not sure what the solution is but wish you well in finding yours.

  3. I love the packaging! And the sign for your farm is a great present; makes you all look so "official," whether or not you're producing anything.
    I love the stillness of January, too, although I'm one that's in the ice and snow and freezing weather! It's okay. A great excuse for knitting and reading in front of the fire.

  4. Love the new packaging and the pretty farm sign!

  5. I like your packages! I wish I could visit your farmer's market.
    It IS a farm. You have three dogs and bees.

  6. Love the shadows in your home, the sign, and your new soap label.

    Happy January ~ FlowerLdy


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