Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Birthday Love from Japan

Yesterday the long-awaited package from Anna arrived! Squeeeeeal!
She's adorable. It's an Adidas shoe box that she secured using hot glue. Yes, my daughter took her hot glue gun to Japan because she's a crafter through-and-through. But she realized when she arrived there that she really needed a pair of tennis shoes for all that walking. Haha :) I bet she hasn't owned a pair of tennis shoes in about a decade ... because she's no athlete, but she can wield a crochet hook and a hot glue gun like a pro!
This is my beautiful little card. Sigh. You know how I am, Anna. I will now keep this forever.
And because I didn't have enough yarn. One can never have enough yarn ...
But look! It's Japanese yarn! Actually, one is from Uruguay to Japan to the U.S. That yarn is a world traveler! (The yellow one is sparkly.)
First I thought she'd sent me a cupcake from Japan. I wouldn't put it past her. However, it's a candle. Phew!
And my very favorite thing: an apron. It's adorable. Look at the fabric!!
It is such a farmy apron! I love it, and I wore it all last evening. Anna, the  button back-cross is designed for a small Japanese woman, so I'll turn it into a neck-loop. I asked Adam to take a photo.
My face had that deer-in-headlights look in all three photos. Oh well.
That was my birthday happiness, and I thank you, sweetheart. It is wonderful!! You didn't want me to wait until my birthday, did you?
Anna also sent presents for Julia's birthday, which is later in the summer. One is a hoodie with this picture on the front:
It's quirky and mystifying, and just right for Julia. And perfect coming from Anna, because both those girls are unique. I can see people staring at Julia when she wears this around. And she sent her some stickers and a card.

Thank you, Anna! It was SO fun to open the box!


  1. Your yarn is pretty, the card oh so sweet, but best of all is that photo of you in your 'farmy' apron. I love it.

    Have a great week and a happy birthday.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. What great gifts. Loved the Cupcake candle. Happy Birthday.

  3. What fun! A birthday box from Japan! Such a thoughtful daughter.
    Happy Birthday MK!!

  4. I love random jumpers like that. It is so curious and fun! What nice pressies from her!!! The wrapping was especially inspired@x


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