Thursday, May 19, 2016

What I'm Weaving

I haven't forgotten the loom.
This first scarf remains unfinished. The weaving is done, but I have a bit of hand work to do, adding all the "effects" I want on there -- trees, clouds, rain, flowers, etc.
I suppose I'd call it a tapestry scarf.

It has a bold sunset.

The blue parts are supposed to be water, and the green parts are land. 
The gray are buildings -- high rises, with the gleam of the sunset on one side.
 The clouds turned out okay, and I'm working on the rain and/or silver linings.
To the green hills I plan to add trees and wildflowers. Some of the weaving was rather tricky. I can't say it's very realistic-looking, but I like the whimsical nature of it. It is a very labor-intensive project.
On to scarf #2 -- some of the same green/purple/teal yarn, which was a rather fine, pricey yarn from Weaver's Webb, the swanky yarn store in New Bern.
The warp is nearly invisible; this scarf is all about the weft. And the yarn is so light-weight it's like air on your neck.
The beading took almost as long to do as the weaving.
And scarf #3, made with thrift store yarn, but very nice -- mostly alpaca. It's soft and silky feeling.
The yarn is brown, not gray.
 A little edging detail and a neat diamond-pattern fringe.
What'll be next? I'm not sure. Not many scarves are selling as summer heats up, so I may be simply building up my inventory for fall/winter. I do think I'll sell quite a few woven scarves then.


  1. All three of these are great!

    Continued happy weaving ~ FlowerLady

  2. Some day I'll wander down through your market, and hope that there will be another one of the middle one to buy!

  3. The scarves are excellent!!! I am especially enamoured with that first one! So clever and detailed!!

  4. Fabulous scarves,M.K.! Your talent produces such beauty!!!

  5. Such beautiful scarves! The tapestry one does look tricky. You're learning that skill so quickly. Always good to build up the inventory!


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