Monday, May 23, 2016

Hannah's Wedding

We are in our fifties now, and our children are marrying. Our siblings' children are marrying.
Hannah is the oldest child of my oldest brother. That first wedding in a family is quite emotional! Beautiful West Virginia landscapes mixed with the youthful vitality of a couple dozen teens/twenty-somethings made for a great wedding. Changing the venue from the farm to the church sanctuary because of rain was a bit tricky, but all was well in the end.
Max and Anne, parents of the bride
Hannah and Michael, the new couple
 So much beauty in this family!

Cake, flowers, music, children:




So many, many emotions are stirring at a family wedding. Everyone's thoughts and feelings seem poured into a big pot, set on simmer, and allowed to bubble for the weekend. So many memories -- family memories both precious and sad, tumbling around in my mind. Weddings seem to stir them all.
The reception at the Lewisburg Medical School Alumni Building was just delightful. The dance floor was the central event! So much fun dancing -- I loved watching, and I succeeded in luring Adam onto the dance floor several times. We danced more Saturday evening that we have all together in the entirety of our marriage life :)
And now for some fun, random photos:
Marshall and DeVona, my brother and sister-in-law
coloring table for the littles
Julia, forced to hug
cousins Peter and Katie

brothers Nathan and Ben
cousins and best buddies Patience and Julia

Mihok and Robinson families

bridesmaids by the barn

slipping in a photo of the recent graduate!

bridesmaids in the kitchen - the peonies came from the farm
 All weekend I found myself remembering the wedding this time last year. Philip and Kara enjoyed watching somebody else do it, I think! It was delightful to see them again.


  1. Congratulations to the new couple! And your graduate! Delightful family pictures, full of love. :)

  2. Weddings are so wonderful. All those emotions and joyful blessings upon so many. Love the photos. I'm glad you danced!!

  3. My nieces, nephews, and Daughter are reaching wedding age. I agree it is surprisingly emotional to realise how time flies and how the merry-go-round keeps turning.

  4. Yay! In a few weeks I'm going ip to Washington for a niece's wedding.

  5. What a lovely wedding and sweet newlyweds.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. Great pictures! That coloring table for the children was a great idea. It's the season for weddings, isn't it... I was able to attend two weddings this month; that's a lot of joy!

  7. What a sweet looking couple. Weddings are fun (and emotional). I enjoyed seeing all the lovely photos and thought the idea of a coloring table for the kids was super neat.

  8. Just getting caught up with blog reading and nice to see what you've been up to. A beautiful wedding. Love your weaving.


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