Friday, June 10, 2016

Badger on the High Seas

My dear Mags -
I'm relieved to inform you that at last my hostess has pulled me and my traveling paraphernalia from the yellow envelope and appears to be preparing me for my voyage home. I began to be apprehensive for my safety! She delayed so long, I thought certainly she'd either kidnapped me or forgotten about me entirely!
She permitted me to lean against her paint brushes and observe while she filled out my passport booklet and perused the annotated copy of our book. I think she loves my kitchen, although why she's fond of my old bathrobe and slippers that are ... how did Mr. Graham say it? ... "down at the heel," I don't know. I wish the author had not included that description of my hibernating attire. It's so hard to maintain one's dignity while in pajamas.
She painted you a little card by way of apology, I suppose.
Her skills being limited, I'm relieved she did not attempt to render myself or my friends on the page. I recommended that she add some faint greenery in the background, which she quickly did.

Hopefully, my dear friend, I shall be on my way soon and be happily ensconced once more in your home with your boys. What a relief that will be! Tell Ratty and Mole to keep Toad out of trouble until my return.

Yours affectionately,


  1. Oh, how absolutely sweet! This is how my imagination work, too --- ALWAYS creating stories and such! I have "Wind in the Willows" in the annotated edition; it has copious amounts of information and is really very scholarly.

  2. My take on this picnic is here in my blog link:

  3. Thank you for your visit to Small Moments, it is nice to meet new friends.


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