Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fabric and Yarn

Adam is the starcher and ironer around here. I care not a bit for ironed clothes. He, however, dips his pants, shirts, and shorts in liquid starch, dries them on the line, and irons them faithfully. Our ironing board has been the bane of his clothing existence. I think we found it in the basement of our house in Statesville, back in the days before he ironed. The cover is really atrocious.

See what I mean? And the pad underneath is antique.

I personally thought the cover was shudder-worthy, but Adam doesn't care to replace it, as long as we could find a new cover. But the covers at WalMart didn't fit, and they cost about $20!

Nasty old drawstring in a nasty old casing (above) and look at the archaic underneath snaps (below)!
I told him I could make a new cover, so we picked out some fabric -- 
Waverly, which is a decent brand -- a thick, sturdy cotton fabric.
I began by sewing a thin hem all the way around, to stabilize the edge. 
Then I sewed a slim elastic all the way around too, folding the hem over it as I went 
and pulling the elastic quite tight around the hose and back end, but not so tight on the sides.

I'm quite pleased with how snugly the nose end fits, and to assist that, I added two bands of elastic that run underneath the board. This is some thick, hardy elastic I cut off a new pair of sandals because it made the shoes uncomfortable. But it was perfect for this project.
Not very attractive under there, but we really only care how well it works.
I was so afraid I'd cut the fabric too short and would run out on the other end ... that (you guessed it)
 I had too much. I tucked it together and put a fat safety pin on either side. 
Adam says he doesn't use that end anyway. Well! So much for that practical sewing!
Just as I was walking out of the fabric department, I saw this stuff, and I simply could not resist!
It will be an apron.
Now, on to the loom. Here's the scarf I'm making now. That's my sparkly $2 skirt from the thrift store, underneath :)
For the warp I'm using crochet thread again, a variegated purple/green spool that was on clearance at WalMart.
For the weft I'm using this lovely lavender that I bought 
after Christmas at Hobby Lobby. 
It's luscious.
I'm adding a little accent of this silver yarn that I found at Weaver's Webb, 
the sinfully guilty yarn store that sucks you in and spits you out only after 
you've emptied your wallet.
This will be another one for fall sale at the farmers' market. I'm eager to see how quickly they sell, and which ones are oohed and awwed over, and which ones are deemed ugly. You never know!
That's what the fingers have been up to.


  1. People don't really tell you if they think your scarves are ugly, do they?!? I've only seen beautiful ones. I WOULD like to see a full view of that sparkly skirt from the thrift store. I'm trying to gain courage to wear mine! :)

  2. You've been quite busy!!! You make me want to pick up my needles and threads and beads to 'create' something.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. I love the rooster material and nice job on the ironing board.

  4. I had to replace my ironing board cover this past year. I iron shirts, but also need it for sewing projects.

    The chicken fabric is so cute and I like your lavender scarf. Who wouldn't love it?

  5. Rooster fabric! We've had to change the name of one of the younger hens from Mrs. Mendelbright to Floyd Lawson; he's quite the crowing guy. Your ironing board reminds me of my old one, finally thrown out after 43 (!) years when we moved to this far 5 years ago!


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