Monday, July 4, 2016

The Honey-Do List

Adam asked for a little board where we could write his "to-do" list ... or, as he likes to call it, "The Honey-Do List."
It was quite extensive at first. Now it is down to only three items as we've erased some and added others.
One item early on the list was to add drawer pulls to this new drawer in the kitchen. I hated squeezing my fingers under the edges to get it open. Ta-da! Lookie there!
Just having a list has made things so much nicer. I don't have to be a nag, reminding Adam of what needs doing. He really does want to do them; he just forgets. So the list is helpful to both of us, and keeps a tiny bit more peace in our relationship. He's been quite good at getting things done. Some are big jobs, like Fix leak in Julia's roof. Some are not urgent, like Put up strings for beans.
The beans, by the way, are making a recovery! I'm now getting a handful each day.
Adam does many more jobs that just these; he has his own farm list, of course. And I have jobs I want done (by him) that I don't put on the board because they're just for my own pleasure, like the new hosta beds out front.

He is good about doing them all.

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