Friday, July 29, 2016

The Last Birdie

She turned 17 years old this week. Seventeen!
She's always been a beauty, although she doesn't seem to know it.
The above photo was taken when she was about ten, I think.
Here she is with her buddy, Sandy.
This was during our homeschooling days in Statesville 
when we visited parks and took nature walks.
We moved to Oriental in 2012, and the photo below was taken that fall. 
She was 13.
Less than three years later, she'd blossomed into a beautiful young woman,
and the childhood days were gone.
This photo was taken at her brother's wedding.
In May, at yet another wedding, a shorter cut, nice make-up,
she's grown up even more.

There's a super pretty picture of her taken by Peter in May also, but it's her facebook profile pic, and she's temporarily shut down her facebook account (as many of us do) for a cyber break. Anyway, that's the extent of the pictures I could find of her on my computer. But clearly this isn't enough because there are no baby pictures. And how embarrassing can it be, if there are no baby pictures?
(She's gonna kill me.) I did sneak into the back bedroom to grab a couple of photo albums, hunting for itty-bitty photos of her, but she was sleeping on the futon and grumbled, "What're you doing?" "Nothing, oh nothing, go back to sleep." {{heehee}} The photos below are all pictures-of-pictures taken with my phone.
Julia was a delight and a very beautiful baby, and no -- I couldn't find the photos I wanted.
She was a perfect 8 lbs. and 20" long, round cheeks and blue eyes. In that photo she's sporting her baptismal gown and cap, both family heirlooms.
 Julia was a fussing, picky eater. For quite a while she ate only plain Cheerios, three at a time. We counted, to ensure that she ate enough each day. Her daddy tried to coax her and tempt her with something at Grandma's house, but her hand tells it all. It's not happenin', Daddy.
 She was inordinately attached to Caw-Caw, her stuffed animal parrot. And you see above that even then I was into getting that Kodak moment.
This photo below cracks me up. I'm quite serious about Blueberries for Sal. Of course -- it's literature, right? Patience, my niece,a is listening. Julia's not. Those two girls fussed and fought through their childhood, but now they are best friends. So sweet.
Julia also had a very close relationship with her big brother, Philip.

And her big brother, Peter:
She was 13. 
And her sister, Anna. 
I love this photo so much I keep it on my dresser.
This was in Iowa before she turned two years old.
On her second birthday we were at my parents' house, 
in between jobs and about to move to Alabama.
All six of us in one photo. 
As usual, I'm taking the picture, and Adam is holding the baby. :)

 One last shot of all the kids. Adam's grandmother used to send them the most beautiful clothes for Christmas and Easter. 
I enjoyed browsing through the old albums, but I must admit it's a little sad. It seems like another life when they were little. We had so much energy then, and did lots of fun things -- traveling, tubing, go-cart riding, swimming, camping. Julia grew up with older parents, and I hope it hasn't put too much of a damper on her life. Happy birthday, last birdie to fly the nest! May your wings be strong and your flight be pleasant!


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! She has turned into a beauty. Kind of sad when the last one grows up and gets ready to leave the nest. And boy, do those old photo albums bring back the memories. I'm so glad my husband took lots of pictures. I never thought too much about it. When I spend any amount of time going through photos, and come back to the "real" world, it always feels I've been in some kind of time warp, because I seem to experience the time all over again.
    And we loved Blueberries for Sal and One Morning in Maine, as well as Make Way for Ducklings. Such great illustrations in those books.

  2. Great photo memories there, especially considering it was never as easy as it is today to take and store photos. My daughter was a dreadful, fussy eater. Eventually I simply gave up worrying about it as that wasn't helping. She now eats really well. I don't know how that happened but it did.

  3. What a sweet post!

    Belated Happy Birthday greetings to Julia.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Yes, my daughter, Micah, was seven years younger than her brother Josh, so she felt like an only child. (That's why she's having so many children so close together, lol.) Bob was almost 50 when she was born! Bob was able to be her chauffeur during her teens, because he was retired on disability, so he was much involved with her many activities. That was a blessing, because that's about when I had to go to work to make ends meet. Old photos can be a bittersweet thing. It seems sad that those days are over, though there were many challenges. But I try to look forward to all that my busy kids are excited about doing in their lives. So thankful for the hope of heaven. Otherwise, the separation might be overwhelming. Kids are such a blessing!

  5. Julia looks so grown up now! Happy birthday! She's a wonderful young lady and I hope she is well!She really looks like you in the first one!

  6. Lovely pictures, all of them. Happy Belated Birthday to Julia. She is still a baby at 17. : ) Don't tell her I said that!!

    My son turned 44 2 weeks ago. Now that is enough to make you feel old. : )

  7. What a fun trip down memory lane! Great pics.

  8. (sigh) It is bittersweet, isn't it.... I'm so glad we have photographs!!


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