Thursday, October 20, 2016

Because My Life Is Chaos ...'re lucky to be getting a blog post at all! Haha :)
That was yesterday's lunch. The egg is from our chickens, and the bright orange tomatoes are also from our garden - yep! Tomato season is Not Over Yet. That variety (as you would expect) is called "Mini-Orange." They were the most pathetic, spindly, malnourished-looking seedlings when I finally put them last into the garden. But they are thanking me now.
Asparagus bed (above) and lettuce/collard bed (below)
The following photo I took in Oriental at Buddy's Fish Shack. I have no idea what kackleberries are. Probably, it's just Buddy's funny way of saying that the old geezers who hang around in front of his little fish selling operation tend to laugh a lot.
The worst flooding I saw during Hurricane Matthew was in Oriental, and it was nothing out of the ordinary; Hodges St. flooded as usual, mostly due to strong, ongoing northeast wind. The town harbor is on the right. The street is on the left. Last Saturday you could just barely walk on dry pavement by that railing.
We had the farmers' market anyway, plus a little live music for the 3rd Annual Ol' Front Porch Music Festival.
I have plenty of small green tomatoes in the garden still, and they will be picked -- ripe or otherwise -- before the first frost. We have a while yet. It was in the mid-80s yesterday.
This beauty arrived in the mail recently - at last!! It's a Hobbit Second Breakfast Clock. Isn't it adorable?
We're off to vote and get it over with. See you all later!


  1. Kackleberries are eggs!

    We aren't hobbits, but we learned in early spring when we are calving to have first breakfast (before chores) and second breakfast (after chores)! I like the clock.

  2. We were just chatting about you at dinner time there. Matthew wants to know if Matthew is over: he was most disgruntled with the association!

  3. Second breakfast clock --- how delightful! Kackleberries --- slang for fresh eggs. Voting to get it over with ---- I know what you meant. This election is simply beyond words. I don't get into political discussions of any kind, so I'll just exercise my right to vote and do a whole lot of praying, which I do anyhow!

  4. I love the clock! I need one! Yes, I need to vote, too.

  5. Kackleberries are eggs. Ranee (MN)

  6. What a great clock! The sad thing is that I could actually eat all those meals! A fresh egg and veggies from your own farm sound delicious.
    Thank you for your recent visits. I hope to catch up with you soon. I'm glad to see it looks as though you've survived Matthew. Blessings, Deborah

  7. Ha ha! Kackleberries! Enjoy those veggies while they last!

  8. Kackleberries are hen eggs, as opposed to rooster eggs. lol


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