Monday, October 3, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Date

Yesterday -- Sunday afternoon -- Adam said we should go to the beach, and I did not argue.
See the sun dogs on either side?
I hadn't seen the beach since early March, I believe.
We walked the Ft. Macon sands, heading north where few people come except folks fishing and a few dog walkers.

We headed toward a bit of driftwood ...
Adam gives you some visual perspective.

We first stopped in Beaufort because it's such a quaint little town. We secured some ice cream and then visited this lovely antique store in a house:
The front hall:
Looking back down the stairs -- the stairwell from the first floor ascends, turns right at a landing, comes to a 2nd landing, and then splits into two short stairs, as you see. I'm standing in the back room of the house, facing the front upstairs hall. I've seen at least two other old Southern homes designed just this way.
The piano bench cover below gave me an idea! I dislike my bench cover; it's black velour. Ugh. But it would make a good pad to go underneath a nice, woven cover! I'll weave myself a good, sturdy cover for it, attach straps on the back, and have one I love.
This glassware set was one of my favorite things in the store. It's the shape of those goblets -- I just adore that! The clear glass with the pewter (I guess?) bands are also beautiful. The last thing I need is more glassware, but if I had a huge, empty corner cupboard ... it would be a different story!
I took a not-very-attractive selfie of us two on the front porch. It's good to prove one was there, plus endless photos without any humans in them are wearying.
Last but not least ... a large chicken (for all my crazy chicken fans) in Beaufort, 
adorned with its rain gear.
We are expecting a big visitor this weekend, a fellow names Matthew. Hurricane Matthew, that is. Whether he hits Wilmington and goes west of us, or slices up the coast right on top of us, or heads out to sea, we will see strong winds and perhaps lots of surge. I'm praying it's not a direct hit. We are already a soggy place, and I'm quite nervous about sitting in my house, watching the water rise about us. We'll be keeping an eye on Mr. Matthew.

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