Monday, October 10, 2016

Hurricane Survival Bread

When Hurricane Matthew was breathing down our necks and Adam and I were preparing for the watery apocalypse, he decided to bake some sturdy bread to help us survive a week without electricity, perched upon our rooftop overlooking a watery world.
This first loaf lacked loft because the sourdough started was very young.
Thankfully, it didn't come to that. We enjoyed the first loaf of Hurricane Survival Bread before Matthew's arrival:
A light pre-hurricane dinner
He began by having some sourdough on hand that he'd started days before. He made his own sourdough starter by catching wild yeast from the air. Do not envision him larking around the house waving a fine net ... no, he simply put rye and white flour and water in a pyrex bowl and left it sitting open in the kitchen for a couple of days. It needs at least a week to become real starter, so these early loaves aren't as good as the later ones will be.
 But how's that for a pretty loaf of bread?! This second loaf is quite high.
This bread is tasty and toothsome. In addition to the flavor of the sourdough, it has cracked, soaked wheat berries, sunflower seeds (only in the first loaf), and steel cut oats. Quite yummy and healthy. Good for surviving the storm.

And we did survive. We lost electricity for Sunday and got our internet back today (Monday). We did not have the rain that was forecast, for which we are so thankful. Winds were quite high, 60-65 mph on Saturday night. We had more trouble preparing for the storm that we did dealing with it. Yesterday  we drove around and checked on some of our parishioners. Today we picked up branches in the yard and had a burn pile. I had a lovely four-day weekend off work. Many people in our county still have no power.


  1. I'm glad you had four days off. I am so glad that the hurricane wasn't as bad as they thought. Yum. The bread looks delicious.

  2. I'm glad that you are ok and Matthew didn't 'get' you!!x

  3. That bread looks wonderful. At least if y'all had to have a swift water rescue, you'd have eaten well up there on the roof! Glad all is well. Here,too!

  4. A delicious spread! The bread looks great! My step-dad makes his own sourdough starter and bread. Glad things were less spectacular than expected!

  5. That bread looks scrumptch! I love a hearty, seedy, grainy loaf like that. I never get sourdough breads to turn out as I like. I've never done the wild sourdough. Glad you didn't get womped by the storm!

  6. MK, Prince Charming, the suns and I are all so very grateful that you are well and safe. We followed your progress all weekend and it was lovely to see everyone so concerned and engaged in issues across the wide and stormy sea.

  7. I'm so glad you were spared. The bread looks and sounds delicious!

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  8. How smart of you to be prepared. I've wondered if catching wild yeast actually still works. Maybe when we get our kitchen back I will try it. I am missing baking/cooking, esp this time of year. Anyway, your husband's bread looks delicious.


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