Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mission #1 Accomplished!

My mother called today with two missions impossible, "if I should choose to accept them." Well! I have already accomplished the first one!
This is my mother's absolutely favorite dish-scrubber device, a Dobie pad.
 They come two to a box. Inside is a sponge. Outside is a plastic scrubby case. My mother uses them so utterly and thoroughly that the plastic busts, the sponge wears out and finally comes out, and then she uses just the scrubby exterior until it's DEAD.
Sadly, she cannot find them in West Virginia where she lives, so she asked me to find a few boxes for her here. I think she asked for ten. Anyway, that's what I bought for her!

I'm going up for a visit to see the family soon, so she will be set for dish-doing for about a year. The other Mission Impossible is to find her a Maidenhair Fern here and take it to her. She cannot find this particular type of pretty fern in the frigid mountain state. She always had Maidenhair Fern when she lived in the South. I may have failure on that particular mission, but I'll give it a try!
That's what a Maidenhair Fern looks like -- lovely, tiny leaves and very delicate. That's a random photo from Google. We'll see if I have any luck finding a real one to take to my dearest mother.


  1. Ooh, I used to have a Maidenhair fern decades ago. It really is very delicate and, being a bit of a novice at the time, I put it into the garden one summer. It did not survive the scorching sun we had that year. It really is a pretty plant.

  2. I love seeing what others like to use for dishwashing and other domestic chores. I value long-time devotion to certain products. I haven't ever used a Dobie, but I may have to look for them and give it a try. I'm very fond of a Curly Kate or Chore Boy (stainless steel scrubber) that works great on my cast iron skillets and stainless pans.

  3. How satisfying to be so useful to your mother. Very sweet!


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