Thursday, February 2, 2017

Things Are Coming Along

Can you feel spring in the air? I can. Not just the weather temps or the shift in sunlight. It's the change in my activities that stirs my soul. I go outside more. I'm digging into soil more. Here are some creative things -- inside the house and outside -- happening this week.
I'm making progress on the advent calendar:
That's Mary, Joseph, and the outline of the stable. Joseph's arms are not attached to him yet.
Now for Julia's Kitty Cats painting. Here are a few shots to show its progress over recent weeks:
Above you see the acrylic work without any pen. My mother loves this early version.
 Above you see a little more definition with pen work on the faces and paws.
 Here's the finished piece before she took it away this morning.
 A few close-ups. I'm not as fond of the white outlining, etc., but each to her own :)

The piece will be given to a boy named Daniel at college that she barely knows. Last semester she asked him for a pen, and promised in return to do a piece of art of his cats. Doesn't seem quite the equal trade to me. I do wish she'd stop giving her artwork to every stranger on the corner. Sigh.

Adam finished the metal edging around the herb garden!!! He still needs to tamp in the soil firmly around all the edges, but it looks good. I'm excited about what we'll grow there this year.
 Adam baked two beautiful challah loaves last night. You see that Julia ripped off a chunk before I could get a photo! It's delicious -- sweet, buttery. These are six-braid loaves. He wants to master the nine-braid method too.
 If you want to read more about the greenhouse going up, my latest soap batches, and a skunk on the farm, click over here to the farm blog.
Here's a recent sunset over the playground at the afterschool program where I work each afternoon. It's nice to have daylight for the kids to play almost until it's time to go home.
Cheerio, friends!!!


  1. Yay, Joseph and Mary look great! I like Julia's cats. It is sort of fun to give your art away to strangers. Maybe you can commission her to make some for you? Just loan her a pen, lol!

  2. I don't see a signature on the artwork. Hopefully, your daughter is signing these pieces. My daughter was never taught to do this and I have a huge box of her unsigned work. Sigh.


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