Monday, May 22, 2017

Chez Linnea

 This is the lovely home in Great Barrington, Massachusetts where we stayed for Peter and Shani's wedding. Ten bedrooms and four baths, including a master suite and a tiny nursery room, make it quite spacious for a group event.
 Four bedrooms have balconies or decks off of them.
 The rear of the home shows the access to the second floor. Each floor can be rented separately. The upstairs is a bit fancier and nicer; I think Linnea stays there when she comes to visit. The kitchen is truly well-stocked except for the frig; the pantry is stocked as for a regular home. It's very welcoming!
Lots of space and big, bright windows make the upstairs living area a good place to gather.
And the upstairs kitchen is roomy with a big island.

I've never seen so many hostas in my life as in her garden! They line the driveway and most of the beds. She puts a lot of work into the landscaping.
 Someone is dividing and propagating the hostas very expertly.
The property is flanked by woods on three sides.
 A large firepit and outdoor party area lie to one side of the house. She has herb gardens there also.
 I noticed the lilac bushes out front right away. We can't grow them in North Carolina.

 The view from the front porch:
 Here is one of the rooms downstairs -- very nice. Her decorating style is kind of French shabby-chic. She's gathered many items from her travels, an eclectic menagerie throughout the house.
 She has many beautiful, large bowls for decorating. We served donuts in these two.

 Many pictures and paintings hang on the walls. I liked this one - it seems old and European.

 I loved this one of all the different shops in Provence.
 All these were downstairs, where we stayed. Here is a neat hall tree with huge pine cones at its feet. This is indicative of her style, which I love.
 Some other pieces were more of a mystery to us; as I said, she has varied and unusual taste.
 And some items were definitely "camp art" style:

Rustic pottery:
The house itself is charming and quite comfortable. We did have an issue with a clogged toilet that was not repaired while we were there, putting a lot of pressure on the bathrooms for the remainder of the weekend. The house was nearly full to capacity with 19 people most nights, and one bath is attached to the master bedroom. But we made it all work, and it was a lovely setting for the wedding. Linnea has clearly made this house a labor of love for her visitors.

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