Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Rest Room Hilarity

On our trip north we stopped at many rest areas along the interstates. Some things I saw there were beautiful, like the flower bed at the Welcome Center to West Virginia (I think ... one loses track).

 This flower bed was truly breath-taking, and I commend the flower-bed-slaves associated with that place and their hard work! At the same rest area I read this:
 Must be some history of abuse there! And -- just finding a working pay phone was surprise enough.
Inside the ladies rest room of the same establishment I discovered this:
 Ohhhh - Kay.
The next entertainment, a splattering of stall graffiti, greeted me in a gas station somewhere:
 Well, Linda and Mark, I hope your Sammy came home to you. Nothing like the pathos of strangers to get the bowels churning, eh?
Right here at home in North Carolina, the famous home of House Bill #2, I found this fanciful addition in the ladies stall at the Grantsboro WalMart:
Under the cape, the hidden man!!
Yes, you read that right -- in two of the three stalls in the ladies' room were posted signs indicating "this is for people in skirts!" As if the same sign on the outside wall isn't enough? I just love how some humorous woman (I assume, since no men are allowed there) reminded us that one of our favorite male superheroes who protects us all from evil, also has a flowing garment.
I would have taken a picture of the alterations also done to the other little sign, but I was worried about being caught taking pictures in the bath room. What mystified me was that only two of the three stalls (the one above and the handicapped stall) had these signs. The third stall had no sign indicating its toilet was for female fannies only. Maybe they're not sure about that one?
We generally prefer our public facilities to be free of indication of human thought, don't we? We like them utilitarian. Perhaps that's why bathroom graffiti is fun (if it's not offensive), and even hilarious signs from the management are photo-worthy; isn't it nice to remember that we're all just people after all with quirky senses of humor and a touch of the dramatic?


  1. Aren't you folks embroiled in the emotional angst of trans-gender toilets? Totally the big question for schools and everywhere here.

  2. Maybe people who have been camping wash their dishes where ever they can. It would be gross to see food scraps in a sink. The iris are lovely!

  3. You did make me smile! I love the augmentations to the signs!
    Where I go to Music Camp, there are a whole array of signs on the door pertaining to how to use the 'jubiloos' (they were built for the Queen's Golden Jubilee!) and I sit and read them every time I go in there, it's so funny! One is about the Klargester and how it can get full so they ask you to not flush after every wee to preserve water, another is about what you don't put down the toilet and many more! They always make me smile!

  4. I follow a lot of folks on YouTube who are full-time RVers and some live in their vans. I can see them washing their dishes at a rest area, lol. But it does sound pretty gross.


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