Saturday, August 5, 2017

What We Did on Our Anniversary

On our anniversary last weekend, Adam and I went to Little Washington. That's what North Carolinians call Washington, NC ... to prevent confusion with that other Washington further north.
We took the Aurora ferry.
I loved the gray clouds and wind. That's my kind of weather. Perhaps I should go live on an island off the coast of Scotland. I could take ferries everywhere!
Adam would hate that weather ... so, no.
This was the prettiest house we saw in Washington.
There's some attractive architecture. It looked like these upper floors were being lived in. I've always wondered about these 80 year old buildings with four floors. What did they hope to DO with all that square footage? Storage? Offices? Apartments?
Scarlet O'Hara? Reminds me of the picnic at the Wilkeses' home.
They've a beautiful boardwalk along the Pamlico River. In checking on this river on Google Maps, I find it ends right there in Washington, a little finger of water. But the main body of water that continues under the big bridge is then called the Tar River. I tracked it nearly to the Virginia line, north of Durham.
Aren't the lamps pretty?
Big grassy spaces with gazebos and swings.

Down town is only a block from the water. Alleys like these divide many of the buildings and lead to the water.
I have a thing for old buildings.
A quirky artist's studio nestles in one alley.
On the main street side, this building is just called "The Little Shoppes." But on the water side:
Pretty hairy!
We ate lunch at Grub Brothers Eatery.
 Oyster Po-boy for Adam with fried pickles --
 Chicken tacos for me --
 Later we stopped for ice cream at Scoops:

Mine, in the cone, was called Cappuccino Crunch. It is perhaps the best ice cream I've ever had. Adam, bless his heart, is on a new diet (which I shall update you on later) and saved up his calories all week for this date :)
It was a lovely time. Although we've been to Beaufort for many dates and enjoyed their boardwalk and restaurants, we'd never visited Little Washington at all, so it was time. Happy anniversary to us!


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  2. That looks like so much fun. Happy Anniversary!!


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