Sunday, November 12, 2017

Rainbow Yarn and Thyme Tea

It's definitely chilly out there now. We had a freeze warning Friday night! Adam's been making soup and nice comforting dishes for us to eat.
I bought some very on-sale yarn at Michael's, and couldn't resist this beautiful skein for $5.
 Have you seen these? They have whopping HUGE "Big Cakes" skeins, and they have mini-skeins called "Cup Cakes." So cute!
 I don't know what I'm making with this one, but I'll enjoy gazing at it on the shelf until I do!

I read online that making tea with thyme leaves is very healthy for you. Adam says thyme is what you feed bees if the hive has a mite infection. It's very antimicrobial. I clipped a handful of fresh thyme from the herb bed, combined it with some of my yummy herbal tea, added some good honey, and it was quite good.
 Look at the good green thyme in there! It's supposed to help with fibromyalgia and other ailments. I'm quite achy much of the time.

This next is for Kezzie, a bloggy friend who resides in England and loves adorable clothes and especially pins (brooches). Kezzie, you'll be proud of me for bravely wearing this pin to church today. My mother will recognize it also. Isn't this cameo lovely? It was hers, and she gave it to me.
 I paired it with this simple pearl necklace. Mother, do you remember? Betty Jo Temple gave it to me as a high school graduation gift. I still love it.
 Lastly, I wore these pearl earrings, a gift from a friend in my 20s.
 A local store is now carrying my soap!
 At last, we "bit the bullet" and painted our living room floor. Here are before and after photos:

This time of year becomes SO busy, now that we are heading inexorably toward Thanksgiving. It seems to be one event/concert/service after another, with lots of company sprinkled in between. 

You'll all be glad to know that Adam has sold TWO of his concrete leaves at the farmer's market. And Julia has sold many of her beautiful Kitty Cat card sets; I will need to get more printed soon. It was so cold yesterday morning at the market that I sold two bulky infinity scarves and two hats. One was a great slouchy hat. Here's the pattern. It's very slouchy, soft, knitted, and has a thin elastic band around the edge, so it stays on well. I've already started second one.

Stay cozy and warm out there, folks!


  1. My, my you have been so busy. Good job on the floor! I know it must have been a lot of work. Stay warm! It's sure getting cold around here.

  2. I'm going to add some Thyme leaves to the lemon/ginger tea I've been making lately. I was wondering just how Adam makes the bees eat Thyme....or does he infuse honey with Thyme and feeds that to them?
    Your living room floor is looking very very nice! I like your area rug too.

  3. That yarn IS pretty! Congrats on having your soap in a store and all the good farmer's market sales! Enjoy all of the holiday craziness! :)

  4. Wow, you guys are crafting and selling. That is GREAT! Love that yarn.

    Happy autumn and pre-Thanksgiving holidays ~ FlowerLady

  5. Wow! I'm impressed at all this craftwork and especially now that a shop is selling your soap.

  6. Every time I return your blog visits, I go to your blogger profile and click on your farm blog. Why did it never occur to me to visit one of your other blogs? So here I am, and I discover a whole new you that I didn't know! We have quite a bit in common. I love this. Lots of good things to explore. And I have to mention that your living room floor looks amazing! What a lovely change in that room.

  7. Look at you guys go!
    It's not cold here yet. I went out walking with no coat just a while ago. It's kind of weird weather for this time of year.
    Stay warm at the market!
    That's exciting about your soaps!


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