Thursday, January 31, 2019

On the Edge of the Polar Vortex ...

We have no snow.

But it has been cold at night, in the low 20s.
I'm so thankful for the new heating system Adam put in. It's chugging away outside the dining room window.

That photo isn't fuzzy. That's how dirty my screens are!
The inside units blow warmth down on your head. it feels nice.
Well, maybe my photos are fuzzy after all! When that long flap on the bottom is dropped open, it's heating the room. What a happy sight!

Our next step to total warmth is to insulate the floors. Now that the rooms are warm, it's very noticeable that the floors are quite cold. We wear socks and thick slippers, and we don't feel it. 

Adam repaired the washing machine, yay!!!
The inside of the machine is very rusted, so we don't know how much longer it will hold together, hence the strap.

He also prepped a whole long bed in the garden, but to show you a picture of that I'd have to walk out to the garden, in the cold, and I don't wanta do that!

Henny Penny described her attitude toward house work right now, and I absolutely agree. Why is it that I don't want to scrub/vacuum/sweep/clean out anything in winter? It's the perfect time, when I'm stuck inside. My bathtub is reproaching me. I also struggle with wanting to clean floors :(

Here are a few more pages from my latest picture book, The Rescue of William Shrew. It's a serious-sounding title for a little animal who takes himself rather seriously.

 This page has a "typo" that I had to fix with white-out:

 On this page, William reaches The Nutmeg Tavern, a name Adam thought of.
 Remember the grocery store flowers Adam gets for free? The lilies in last week's bunch are finally opening. I'm amazed at how long they last!
He's off to the store again this morning, so hopefully he'll return with a new bunch.
That's all, folks. Sorry to be so boring! I haven't posted much because there's not much to tell. That's winter, right?


  1. The story is coming along nicely! Creating a book sounds like a lot more fun than housework! :)

  2. Actually 20 degrees sounds pretty warm to me. :)
    I do better cleaning in winter because summer I really don't want to clean. :)

  3. I've missed your last 2 posts and the reason is that I tried to add a new follower to my blog list and in the process managed to lose the entire list. Gone, just like that. I humbled myself and asked my DIL for help. She 'found' my list but it doesn't have all of them. I'm afraid to try anything lest I mess up again so I'll try to remember to check if you've posted. I really hate being so technologically-challenged.
    BTW, your Lily is so delicate and pretty.
    And I'm so glad for you that you have that cozy heating system. Now for insulating the floors. ( There's no end to the fixing of a house, is there?)

  4. Cute story!

    I have trouble wanting to clean in any weather extremes. In winter the rooms we don't use are closed off and it's just too cold. In summer it's sticky hot. Consequently, house cleaning always gets the short end of the stick.

  5. It's funny, I had been working on an apron, not really wanting to be in the sewing room. It's about bedtime but decided to pull up my blog, then looked at your post first and there was my name. Thank you! Your posts are never boring. Never! The little shrew book is going to be so cute. The name William Shrew is perfect. It warmed up to 61 here today and we had sunshine. I did get finally get the kitchen floor mopped but left the bucket of water and the mop sitting in the laundry and went outside. Have a good weekend.

  6. Your stories and illustrations are wonderful! I particularly was enamoured by the Squirrel! How nice the lillies are.
    I am the same about housework. I loathe it! We did actually end up doing some chores today and it is so nice that the kitchen floor is clean again. The pain of having a white floor is we see it. I miss the nice beige mottled floor in our rental house where we didn't notice how dirty it was!


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